...really? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/10

its higher on the hog...its an expression meaning he'd be better off...its spelled college not collage its not a painting...and its i wasnt there standing...hes sad because he wasnt there when his grandmother died...seriously people come on

verb tense...DUH | Reviewer: hi | 7/11/07

it's 'DIED'...as in the past tense...the whole song is looking back on his life...why would it switch to past tense for that one line.."the day my grandma die" makes no sense...ha...go back to 3rd grade!!!

Corrections | Reviewer: ?? | 6/16/07

Kelly i hate to break it to you but the second correction on your list is wrong it is hog not hall.

and the last one is also wrong it is die.

You need to listen more closely before correcting the contributor of the lyrics. I also checked with 5 more lyric sites, and all say the same exact lyrics as this site.

changesss | Reviewer: Kelly | 6/5/07

When she caught me with them cigarettes should say when she caught me with THOSE cigarettes.

In the chorus it should say I’d be living a little higher on the hall instead of I’d be living a little higher on the hog.

With the family, the day my grandma die should say with the family, the day my grandma DIED.