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My Love 4 JE | Reviewer: Akporido Ovie | 4/7/13

Before I was introduced to JE's albums in the late 1990s by my friend Tivine,I have been a fan of {American} R&B songs. However, having known this group, and together with what I call 'musical utility' which I derive in listening to their songs,I have never looked back in my efforts to introduce my entire family members to this spectacular unique genre of R&B lyrics! I'm selling JE to people almost exactly the way Islam Jihadists scooped for followers. In the absent of JE, Jaheim, 112, Donnell Jones, etc, happens to be the alternatives but, they aren't just the best alternatives. In fact, an ordinary audio recording of just talks by this group will be the best alternative for me! Their lyrics are strictly meant for the learned mature mind and not for what that can be called "popular demand" for every dick and harry. JE, keep it up. I'm from Delta State in Nigeria.

Jagged edge are the best RnB group standing | Reviewer: No 1 FAN | 2/1/12

I love u guys, ur the epitome of the word talent im a true devoted fan as i have purchased all 7 of your albums. Jagged Edge keep on doing what your doing your music sends chills through my spine.MY TOP SELECTIONS ARE;Wednesday lover,head of household,lets get married,respect. And the list continues. Im inspired by great music and talent love u and always and forever. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

i love jagged edge music | Reviewer: amber logan | 1/4/11

There aren't many groups out there like jagged edge they have meaning in what they say .This group will last forever to me because of the positive messages they send out to people that's listening.they sing about loving women the way a women should be loved that's another thing that i love about them.especially kyle i don't just love the voices on these sexy ass men i love there swag thier body language and the fact that they never gave up as a group they stuck together.And to me that is sexy this group will always be number 1 on my playlist i listen to jagged edge all day and night and don't give a fuck who likes iit or not.

The epitome of REAL men | Reviewer: Mrs Tucker | 2/6/09

You men are remarkably incredible! My husband (who I've waited all my 36 years for) and I are DEVOTED fans of Jagged Edge and have implemented some of the songs' meaning in our relationship. Thank you, thank you, thank you for such inspirational lyrics. You men have truly had love, lost it, and gotten it back to cherish forever.
When I heard the words "What's it like to be in love...will love ever know me?", I was speechless and began to cry because that is the exact question that my husband and I were asking each other. Now that we know what it's like, we're never giving it up.
Just know that you have indeed touched 2 lives forever and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The Tucker Family of Columbus, Ohio

i,ll be damed | Reviewer: JE. | 9/12/08

Shit jagged edeg group is my fevorite male vocal group. and in the world of music.this collection of male vocal group just are just singing for me.when they put down and album, the message they passed in it are just what happens to my daily life that moment. check for example this songs, they are just my real songs at all time. i call it TOP COLLECTION JAGGED EDGE REAL RnB.


hit songs of jagged edge that i like most.
I love every music of jagged edge, they are my best , and i will always play their songs till death take me away even when am old.please jagged edge real fans contact me

Guyz u r HOTSTUF | Reviewer: Irvine Chinyerere | 3/27/08

I v bn listening ths muzik for the past 4yrs and it has jus blown my fuses, thz guys can sing, whenever they pour out some words i feel the world has turned up side down.You rock my world guys keep it up.

Gotta Be | Reviewer: Kapri | 11/8/07

Jagged Edge has gotta b the first and only male r&b group out there that has changed my life. They are all I listen to when I get that feeling of loneliness or when a relationship has failed. Whenever I hear a song by them it sends chills up my spine. Me and my sister both love Jagged Edge, especially Brandon and Brian Casey. We both have been trying for yrs to meet these fellas, and I am going to meet them one day. So Brandon,I am looking for you baby!

LUV THEM | Reviewer: bebesmom | 10/1/07

I have to say that i Love them, besides New Edition (yes, my fav) there is no one around now like them.. Just bought the new CD.....

Dem boyz got some talent! | Reviewer: Jay | 9/12/07

The members of Jagged Edge are very talented! I think that if they ever did break up, all of them would have very successful solo careers!They show the other male R&B groups how it is really done!

Mz.Casey 4sho | Reviewer: brandi | 9/12/07

brian is the sexiest member of this group,but all of the members are pretty and they all can sing. I luv this group F 112.

je respect | Reviewer: vivianne | 9/11/07

there are some twin brothers out in the world but u boy s just knowhow to make a woman just given to u your voices make me feel so sexey that song respect

Hard | Reviewer: | 8/23/07

Hard is my favorite from JE, I was a Let's Get Married fan, but, done that, been there, don't wan't to do that again.

Hard is my favorite, the lyrics are nice, but take the time to listens to those guys voices. They are some singing brothers, and I love them. I play there song every night, and thats what I fall to sleep to. My kids always sigh when I put it on, but, those guys are blessed with voices.

Jagged Edge - Stil the best in 8 year of my life | Reviewer: Tennyson Katunga | 8/10/07

when you 're young you wonder "Wats it like to be in Love", you grow older you meat a gal and "Promise" her that you will never leave, along the way your "Best man" takes your gal or you say "Goodbye" to some new relationships. eventually you get "addicted to love" then "Lets get Married". you start "feeling so high" since you met that woman. You get jalous along the way and ask "Who you with" at the end of it all you remind the woman that you 're "The head Of the hose hold".........Clasical RnB that never fades. all yo funs hola @ me.

Jagged edge - My Life with JE | Reviewer: Tenneyson | 8/10/07

i ve listened to J.E since i was 20. I felt it was time to grow up. now and then i 've compared with bigger artists like R.Kelly, 112 e.t.c. the reason I love jagged edge is there clasical lyrics that remain in fashion combined with the way they flow. E.G the song like "Where the party @" is quite a good song but not good enough for a laid bak person like me. its 2 funky and gets out of fasion quickly. Listen to "goodbye", "You cant handle tru man", "Best Man", "Head of this HouseHold","Wats it like". e.t.c. they are songs that you cant live without on your collection. if you in your mid thenties like me and you got a nice career chik who aint fast, try expresin yourself in a clasical jagged edge lyrics. she may love them. they never get out of fashion.@ age of 27, got a kid on the way and "addicted to your love", "feeling so high since i met u" and lets get married the remix made me win the love of my life. wats more, we flow in the same musical direction........................All yo J.E Funs hola @ me.

great guys | Reviewer: Chieme | 8/2/07

i`ve never had music this good. my favourites "without you" "promise" and Cut something" show outrageous talent and great quality. Jagged Edge, LIVE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

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