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Performed by Jagged Edge

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Confused | Reviewer: Kaaaaayyyyyyy | 4/20/11

Me and my boyfriend are fighting and he is my like everything and we have been together for two years now.. all we do is hurt each other.. it's like all i ever do is cry.. so imma have to say goodbye..

Eric | Reviewer: Ally | 4/16/11

I'm going through a situation right now with this guy I really love, he is doing a 3 year prison term and feel like I should stick by him but I don't think I can make it without him for that long so I feel like I have to leave. :( I'm so torn right now :(

I love you 3595 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/11

I love JE but have had to stop listening to them cz it brings up so many memories.
So me n my ex have broken up n got bak so many times... (Its always been down to people interfering) but the last time i think it was the final time... I think hes moved on but the only reason I split up wit him is because he was putting his best female friend (which he has a past with) before me...
I was kept a secret for so many months and I didnt feel like I was with him anymore, jus like a bit on the side cz when his friend was ther I couldnt contact him at all...
I do love him and I always will its been jus over a month and yes I lied I had moved one because I thawt she would b better for him as we live hundreds of miles away.
I have tried contacting him so many times but I dont think he cars for me anymore. But I promise with all my heart if you do ever read this know I will always love you and I can never move on and say goodbye.
I no my promises dont mean a lot but that I can promise you on my life. I love you G.D.S.J and dont ever forget what we had. I'll always hold you close to my heart. xxxxxx

wow | Reviewer: Amanda | 1/12/11

man this song means alot to me . i cant help to stop n lison to it i love this song even thow it makes me cry perfect for me and my ex michael winchester ...i had everything i wanted when i was with him..he was the nest thing that ever came across in my life . and noone or anybody can ever compare to the love we had .n i dont think i could love anybody else the way i loved him n my love never has left for him .it will always alway n forever be there and in my heart but sometime the best thing you gotta do are the hardst thing to do and is walking away and leting thing go n i couldnt say goodbye goodbye wasnt in my power i just had to learn to live with out him ...but dont mean i forgotten cause i think about u to this day ..and i have these day when it just hit me n i brake down and cry .cause i know i miss you .want to see you .and i want us to be together again but i know you need to better your self .i just cant say goodbye michael....i love you

REMINISCING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!from T.A.W to A.W.M.H | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/10

I dated this guy for about 2 years and we were really in love with each other. I mean really in love, in the sense that nothing else mattered as long as we were together and we were together like every single day, so imagine that. Although we were so fond of each other, it didn't exempt us from the complications that arise from being in a relationship. As much as I knew it would hurt, I truly felt like I had to let him go at the time. At the end of 2009 it'll be 2 years that we haven't had a serious conversation truly discussing how we feel without this bitterness that comes from the pain of our separation. I think about him everyday of my life. Even if there was a new guy in the picture, it didn't help fade away the memories I have of him. They say when you love someone, the best thing to do is let go..but now I'm just feeling like I should've held on real tight. He doesn't want to see me because he says that it reminds him of everything that could have been. After our break up, I took the time to get to know myself and what I really want in life and basically I've drawn the conclusion that all I want is him. Anthony McKoy-Hollingsworth if you ever come across this, know that the love I had for you still exists and if anything it only grew stronger because I still manage to see the kind,soft and fragile soul you hold within even though you try to cover it up with this fake image you potray.You'd thik by now the feelings I had would be gone, but they're not..and that's exactly what you call UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!!!! NO MATTER HOW U PERCIEVE ME, IMA ALWAYS LOVE YOU CUZ THAT'S REAL LOVE AND REAL LOVE NEVER DISAPEARS, NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU BUT I STILL LOVE YOU, YES!!!!!!!

How do i let go? | Reviewer: danny | 8/29/10

Damn this song explains alot
about my situation with my ex,
she was & still is the love of my life,
my first true love. they say you NEVER forget your 1st love & thats so true! its been 3 long years without her & i still feel the exact same way i did back then. now a days she's living in Cali
doin her own thing, as for me.. i still remain in texas acting a fool without her here. I miss u from the bottom of my heart Silvia!! thought we'd be always&forever baby girl... guess not. :'(

missinq him | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/16/10

danq ii listen tu this sonq everyday and it speaks myy life im just not ready to lett go man ii have tu much love for him ii love him w. all myy heart .... iim soo in love and ii know ii need tu move on ...uqhhh =[

jesus leyva | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/10

is one girl the have i boyfriend she told me she dont love the guy but i find.the is long i am between they,i make thier love strog.and i thig the best thing for you to do is the hardest thing for you to do.i saw her cryn for me went i told her how much i love her.i just belive now the best thing i can do is say good bye.

I love you princess xxx | Reviewer: 28843 | 4/15/10

Hey guys.. I've never really listened to this kids music before, to be honest a hated it, it's only until my angel forced me to listen to a cd made me realise.. That she showedme how to love, before I met her I was actually a no body, I was into all sorts of trouble, I met her on the 3rd of December 2007.. Best day of my life, they say true happiness lies within, well I truely beleive and still do that my happiness Lies with her, 3years later I'm a changed person, and it's all thanks to her, so xS.Cx thank you or believing in me and nt giving up. I haven't been the best person to be with but I did and still am trying, see guys my problem is that I'm too controlling, and I have issues with drinking, going clubbing and some people se talks to, we've broken up a few times over the years over the same thing, and I've always promised her that I ha changed, I took advantae of her and took her love and abused it. I was very wrong and not a day goes by that I wish I could take back all the wrong things I've put her thru,baby I'm sorry, I never ment to hurt you, I'm now in Canada and she's in England, and after all that we been thru we got back together,over msn of all places, we've managed to maintain a real strong relationship even over seas, it's coming up to a year now that I haven't seen her face, it's tough but love got me thru, now I've tried so hard to change my views in drinking and clubbing and stuff but it's never really happened, yesterday she left me, a whole 3 years of our lives with eachother, finished, and I'm still in shock, it was my fault, I pushed her away, now without even realizing it, I really don't have a problem with anything she does, after all I wanted to do was protect her, it turns out I was only protecting myself, I just wanna tell all you guys out there that being selfish is not the right way,there's a line between protection and controlling, and what you think is right will cause more damage. You see she is my life and I'm tellin the whole world, I love her so much it hurts, and to think I'll never see her again? Kiss her, hold her hand or to feel her presence really puts me in so much pain, I don't want things to end baby, I hope your not giving up on us becuase I promise you I never will. I've realised my mistakes and I really do not have a problem with anything, guys she's moving 3 hours away from me ad I'm moving back to England soon,my whole reason was to see her.. Now it's been over a year I haven't been able to even hold her in my arms, and I really want to, baby we make magic, were so good together.. We can do this , we can make it work, what would kishan say? I pray every second hoping that she will talk to me, and give us another chance at us. If any of you guys knew how we are ud say the same, I've made my mistakes and beleive me I've learned from each one of them, but I just wanna get across to her and the whole world that I have changed and baby I accept you for who you are, I don't want anything else.. I can't imagine myself with anyone else, I don't wanna kiss any other lips, kiss anyones heart, nose and forehead, I want it to be yours, I want to marry you and share the wonders of life with you by myside. Guys don't make the same mistake as I did, don't get angry, listen to her, love her and let her be happy at all costs, cuz guys trust me it's not worth it.. I hope it's not too late for me and my baby, where ever she is looking gorgeous as always, trust me.. Just allow me this one last chance and I promise I'll never fail you, no matter how far apart we are ur always in my heart soul and spirit, don't ever let go of us beauitful, don't forget all we've shared and been thru, don't forget all the memories an times we've had, BBQ sauce, chilli sauce, left left left! I truely beleive in us, I really do and I also beleive that we can do this, have faith in me.. Baby I need you , I really do, I can't live life without you. So here I am baby, on one bended knee, shouting out to you, my love, my heart, soul and spirit, stood alone in front of the world, declaring my unconditional love for y
ou so true, apologizing for everything I've ever put you through, asking you again to marry me, begging for one last chance.. Baby I love you so much, I'll never stop I truely won't, wher ever you are and what ever you think of me just please remember... Us.... Your my life princess, I can't live life without you. I promise to make all my wrongs , rights, put you first, and to make you the happiest girl in the world. I love now as I did 03.12.07, mr and mrs j***l till death do us part. I love you, mwaaa xxxxxxxxxx

I heart him! | Reviewer: Janelle | 4/12/10

I want to let him go, but its like I jus cant.. he says he cannot stand seein me cry and that he loves me.. but sometimes I jus dont get him.. He onced asked me "Can't a king have two queens?" I jus used to laugh it off, And after listening to this song, I finally have got the answer to that question.. NO! I love u Big K, even after everything, I am glad we were together.. xoxo, Jay

...smtymz its the bst thng u cn eva do | Reviewer: baby | 1/25/10

thngz cm & go bt 4 sm reason i dnt thnk u wr meant 2lv me alone after al è vows & promises u made...i'l lv 2 luv u 4eva 4 i cn neva luk at any1 beta thn u!here in my "Heart" is è plc whr u'l olwz blng 4eva

it hurts i know | Reviewer: missy lockamy | 1/8/10

i was in love with this guy for 2 years and at a foot ball game we went to together he told me he loved me but that he just couldnt do this anymore and he dumped me in front of everyone. i cried the whole time at the game and i finally called my big bro to come and pick me up. My heart was so torn into pieces. i was hurting so much i could feel the pain in my chest. goodbyes hurt and like they say you should enjoy loving yourself before you love another.

dead and gone | Reviewer: george | 11/20/09

cant forget the first time i heard that truck i was with my loved girlfriend and it waz a day come to say goodbye she told me that she go back to school and when their on the way their car got a bad accident and my girlfriend died,i cant forget that day cause it seems she came to say goodbye forever

blissfulfate | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/3/09

we met but the timing isnt right, even so, love played between us. it felt so true that until such time for some reasons he has to go home and never came back. it's been 8 months and all our memories still haunts me. i love you so much karl, i want you to know you still have me. youre the only one i wanna kiss goodnight :(

Sometimes you have to know when. | Reviewer: J's girl. | 8/30/09

We dated on and off for years, she was everything i hated and everything i wasn't, But i new i loved her. I new she loved me. It wasn't convintional, it wasn't normal, but it was everything i new. We were young and naturally dumb. I think about it now and as much as it hurts that her and i will never have what we could of, i know we did love eachother and one time and with that i have to be thankful. She use to play this song over and over, so now everytime i here i can't help but wonder what shes doing. How she is...or who shes with. We both changed so much it would be so hard to fathom us even knowing the other now. I do beleive she was the only girl i have ever loved and will always be my first momory of happiness. I no longer wish to be with her or ache for her love. I new letting her go was the only way. I love you j, even after everything, I'm glad we had what we did.

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