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Performed by Jagged Edge

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African Queen-----(P.O.N) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/07

Yo, dis my songcuz sonetime s*** dont go ur way and its hard to relate with the person u love xuz they dont understand your feelin or what u want from them. Its really hard to let someone u love go becuz u kno it anit workin but you still wanna hold on and its hard to say goodbye but YOU GOTTA DO WAT U GOTTA DO. I kno i love him and kno kno how i feel about him but he doesn't want to commite to me yet and i can't stand his games.
And for that reason
I gotta say goodbye!!!!

=] | Reviewer: Shirleyy | 7/12/07

Yo this song is making me cry big time foreals..-_-. But people gotta know without hurt it aint love you feel me?

I was the one | Reviewer: Jeremy | 6/30/07

i'm actually the one who broke up with my girl. i put it on myspace the way someone else posted their boyfriend did so that my girl would know that while i may appear fine, i'm breakin down.

i think the lyrics say at the end "you're the best i had"... not "i'm doin the best i can".

Jagged Edge song | Reviewer: Antwon | 6/27/07

I like this song alot it makes me think of someone i once was wit it took me two years to get over it is so hard to say goodbye it really is specially when you care so much for a person that is why i love this song cause it speaks the truth

Understood~ | Reviewer: Amber | 6/25/07

This song is a wonderful song as a whole...This song depicts a situation where you know You love a person with all your heart. But, you know things between you are'nt what they use to be, and the best thing to do is just to break up even though you know it will hurt the both of you. This song perfectly describes my situation with my on again off again boyfreind.

Understood | Reviewer: Amber | 6/25/07

This is just a wonderful song anyways.. It depicts a situation in which a person is so in love with this person..but they know that that things are'nt working out and the best thing to do is to break up even if it hurts them both....This is a reacurring situation in my life with my on again off again boyfreind.

buff song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/07

i song love this song it brings out so much imotions inside of me every time i hear it love it so much

my thoughts | Reviewer: SoMeBoDy SpEcIaL2hEr | 6/19/07

I aint gonna front but the reason why I got something to say about this track iz becuz it hurtz to believe something that was almost perfect far so special and felt just right and forever had an ending instead of happy one... :o(
Damn I Love her with every second of my life knowin we won't share our planets together again so all that I can do now is remember the joy and smilez that she brought into my world and treasure her within me and maybe learn to love someone carefully then gettin deephurt, again in the end becuz believe me itz not like u see yourself ever brakein apart when the feelin before u go to bed and when u wake up in the mornin is still there but then suprizeingly later one day you will not wake up with it no longer because of sayin goodbye...

This song is amazing. | Reviewer: Brittanyy | 6/12/07

I really love this song. It is perfect for how I feel. I love you DeAnthony but I feel I gotta get over you. But you will always be in my heart no matter what happens boo. I wish you could have given me the chance. Too late.

AAAAHHHH | Reviewer: Delylia | 6/12/07

this is helpin me to undersatnd y me n my ex cant be together its not cuz he doesnt love me weve just grwon apart n into different people n we just arent meant to be together

Damnnnn | Reviewer: Brittany | 5/23/07

This iz mi stuff mi mama dont like the boy i go with soo its going to be hard for me to say bye bye bye bye bye bye (i love you Garrick)

So Tru | Reviewer: Nat | 5/16/07

this is wut im going thru myself. you can love someone with all your heart, but sumtyms its just not meant to be. and the hardest thing in life is to learn how to let go of the things that mean the most to you.

gdbye | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/15/07

this song is nice b cause i kno itll help a lot of people wit dey relationships b cause it helped me wit mine

Its true | Reviewer: Sad | 4/27/07

My bf put this song on his myspace profile cuz we just broke up. And it made me cry cuz i love him too, but its so true...we needed to break up even tho we both still love each other. i know he wanted me to hear that song cuz he still loves me but he cant make everything alright and see me cry. i miss him...

Realife | Reviewer: G.M.P | 3/14/07

This song is hot cause its true. Sometimes even though you love someone more then life itself you gotta let em go cause deep down you know your only bringin em down.

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