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Performed by Jagged Edge

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have to say goodbye | Reviewer: lucky 7 | 3/4/08

its hard to say goodbye to great memories
even though that person you share great memories with is also the same person that hurt you the most.
so the best thing to do is leave and say goodbye, no turning back, even though you want to, because you know there will be no change.
no matter how much i wish there would be a better future for me & this person, it always failed even when we put 100% into it. goodbye. ill miss you..

this song says a lot | Reviewer: Stinka | 2/22/08

I just got a realationship and when was going through and i for got i had this song on my ipod i start to think about the things i went through with this sorry azz ni*** how could i miss something when there is nothing to miss so it time to say goodbye even though i want to be there with i just cant so i geuss it was best for me ya heard thax jagged edge

in relation | Reviewer: nt | 2/14/08

I just came across this song on my Ipod this morning and I could totally feel the lyrics seep through to me. I'm going through the exact same thing. It's so bittersweet. =/ And no doubt I miss him all the time. When we're around each other, something is still there and for me, its just undeniable. I get so frustrated because I know it's there. He decided to go one way so I have no choice to let go. He said we're still so attracted to each other, but in my mind there is still so much to it. If he could love me completely, I would still give it my all. That's all I know. So in the end, what do you do when you're trying to keep it at a friend status but it really isn't working like that. When deep inside, you know things are still there. There are things that could be, if only...

Relate | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/08

I can really relate to this song ;
Everytime I hear this song I just break down ;
I know I'm younq but I had my frist love ; and I was so happy, but we broke up,and I'm stil dealing with the pain. It's like when youh meet someone you fall inlove with the hardest thing is realizing they're gone ; and they wont come back. `cause it's best for you two to be apart. I remember my ex saying those words to me,and sending me this song,and listening to my just cry my eyes out,But I keep a smile on my face. I know i'll find that right quys soon.

this song | Reviewer: kayla | 12/31/07

Has anyone ever been in this situation?
my man told me he was happy with me and he told his whole family about me...the next day he tells me he's stressing out and that he just wants to be single...and i try calling his phone and it's disconnected....AND then he blocks me on man is 20 years old...and he just told me he was satisfied with me....I want him back soo bad:( Ugh...I didnt do anything to him...he just walked out and left me hanging :(

Ashley Bessent | Reviewer: ASHLEY B. | 12/27/07

This song is one of my favorite songs and i can really relate to it. Many times in my life i've been hurt but when i thought i found the right one it seems like nothing ever works out. But with prayer God changed everthing..It's just hard to say goodbye....

Saying goodbye was the hardest thing we had to do... | Reviewer: Moe | 12/17/07

I can so relate to this song because for starters me and the person im going to write about use to listen to this album all the time,but I never thought this song would be us.We meet when we were very young and it seemed like like love at first sight ,tho he had his flaws deep down I know he was my soulmate.we stayed together for like 10 years and 3 beautiful kids came from our union.we had alot of ups and down,we fought sometimes but the good times were beautiful,but we growed up and somewhere along the way we grow apart.and tho we know there would never be a love to come along like the one we shared ,we had to let go because we were hurting each other and the kids.How do you say goodbye to your best friend,the love of your life,your soulmate.sometimes when you love somebody so much you have to do what best for them and you and thats to let go so you both can this song really hits home for me.that was truly the hardest thing i've ever done...

I miss her | Reviewer: Brad | 12/15/07

this song relates to me. i just cant let go of her or forget her. Cuz she the most amazing thing that have ever happen to me. I want to say goodbye so i wont be hurting her anymore, but its juts the hardest thing for me to do. I cant live without her and I just keep thinking about her and all the memories we use to have together. i miss you hannah and i still love you.

i just can't say goodbye | Reviewer: monique | 12/17/07

every time i hear this song i sit an cry bacause it remind me of the time i had with my ex.We always was around each other saying how we will never part but some how he just stop having feeling for me.Every time i hear this song i break down and cry cause i really want to be with him and do what it takes to have him back.There's no other{Man,Boy,YungMan}can take his place but at the same time this song remind me of the good time and let them go but i wish the best for him and myself.I kno i got to love someone instead of being stuck on this particular person.I kno he wouldn't want me sitting up cryn over him i kno he want the best for me.I kno one day i would hear this song and not cry,I will grow strong and overlook the past we had and remember the good things we shared.

He is my hero | Reviewer: Wen | 12/11/07

For a man to sacrifice his happiness for his woman is being a hero. I can't ever see myself doing such things. But right now this is what we have to go through for a better tomorrow. I will always love him and will be there for him when he is ready.

acceptence | Reviewer: dark angel | 12/12/07

i can relate 2 dis track seein as ive been through a similar situation in particular were nomata how much u try the situation doesnt seem 2 b gettin any better but in tymz lyk those u need 2 luv a person enough 2 let em go and all u left with is da question why

goodbye= tears | Reviewer: jen | 11/27/07

forreal. you can't listen to this song and not cry. my boyfriend just broke it off before our 13 month anniversary last week. listening to this song, i finally realized how he's been feeling.

foreal | Reviewer: meka | 11/27/07

I know dat i'm lucky because there has been points in my relationship where my hubby 4 7 months thought dat he made me cry 2 much and thought maybe i deserved someone else he was crying when he told me this but we got through it and i know dat he is 1 of the most honest boys out there and i wont nd cant let him go. we always work through our problems because the love we have 4 each other is so strong.I hope i neva say goodbye 2 him but i do and did cry when i hear this song because if i lost someone so important 2 me i dont know what i would do he is my world and i love him and he loves me not a day goes by and we dont say i love you at least a million times a day.To all the ppl having a struggle with their relationships keep ur head up because it will be worth it in the long run.

I can relate 2 this song relate 2 this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/07

I just broke up with the love of my life. Its just awkward. All I've been listening 2 this song since. I just wasn't right 4 her. I have trust problems and u know how that goes. I didn't want her 2 have 2 deal with me anymore. I'm just having trouble getting over it. They say talking helps so that's what I'm doing

is it destiny? | Reviewer: Sandra | 11/12/07

One summer I met this boy. We were both visiting a state other than the ones we were from. Me from the south & him from the north. I remember the first time i saw him. so beautiful. so mysterious. I wanted to know him. Well somehow we started talking and just hung out for a few hours at a cafeteria in this huge shopping area we were at. We were inseperable for the next few days until he had to fly home real early. He told me to meet him at this one place to say bye. Of course I came I mean who knew if I would ever see him again!?!? There he was standing there I gave him the biggest hug ever and that was it... he left. Of course we exchanged numbers and there hasn't been ONE SINGLE DAY that has gona by that we haven't spoke. He is like my best friend. He even flew down to visit me once. I was the happiest girl in the world but I never let it show. The sad part is he has a girlfriend that he has been dating for a couple years. I'm sure she is a nice girl and he says he loves her but I just wish I could be with him. I know we both have feeling for one another. Hopefully one day Destiny will bring us together. I can honestly say that I love him and care about him. His girlfriend is the luckiest girl in the world and im sure there is nothing wrong with her but there is just that feeling in the pit of my stomach and in teh center of my heart that tells me we are destined. we are meant for each other. This goodbye song from jagged edge reminds me of my ex boyfriend. we have been off and on for forever. he is such an asshole but i love him so much. i mean he says he loves me and i know i want to be with him but then this boy that i met when i was on vacation... well just the idea of being with him makes me want to stay away from my ex. anyway this song makes me think of how i need to say goodbye to my ex and whether i end up with the mysterious boy that i met so long ago i know prince charming is out there. He knows his relationship with his girlf now is not going to last if he has feelings for me.. we will see what happens. hmmmm

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