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Performed by Jagged Edge

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love hurts so baddddd | Reviewer: unknown | 1/14/09

me n my boy fren be dating since high school on n off n i really care for him. we been living together a year n some months but we been arguing too much n sometimes i feel it's because of me.. n this song just reflects what am going thru n it makes me sad errtime i listen to it.. but we ladies gotta stop feeling sorry for ourselves n so what's right even if it means letting go of the one u truly love.. like the saying goes "if u let him go n he comes back then u guys were meant to be but if he dnt den u were never meant to b".. life's what it is n we gotta wake up n face reality.. :-(

losing my boyfrend hurts me soo much! | Reviewer: anonymous | 11/20/08

x i love mi ex soo much
he dumpd me last nyt and the words n this song are the same things he sed to me last nyt x
wen i herd this song and read the lyrics and i thort of hym ... he sed he hated to c me cry becoz ov hym .. and he sed he ddnt wana hurt me nemore .... i love hym and he sed he will always love me . break uhbs r hard . he is my first love...

saying bye to what never belonged to me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/19/08

He's possessive, controlling and very jealous. But that's about all the flaws I can find in him. I made a list of pro's and con's. So many more pro's than con's but his con's are so huge that it masks all the pro's. People tell me he's like that because he cares for me. I'm not happy with him...I guess the honey moon stage is over. I'm not happy without him because when we're not together, we're upset at each other. I was waiting and being patient till the day he belonged to me....It's so hard to say good bye because I'm not ready to let go after waiting 5 months...but I dont have the strength to hold on anymore.

I don't know what to do... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/08

Ok so me and my boyfriend is going threw somethings. I don't understand why he acts like he doesn't care about me. I swear when I listen to this song.. I just cry because I wanna break up with him so bad sometimes. And my favorite part of this song is when it says.."Aint no one in this world that can ever take your place
all the love that we shared it can never be erased
and I know that babe that it hurts so bad
and i'm sorry babe you were the best i had." He thinks im cheating because I came home at 3 in the AM like.. wtf.. im grown i can do what i want.. but then he says Im coo on you and that was the last thing he told me at 8:00pm on the 20th and its almost 2:00am on the 21st and i havent heard from him. I just wanna call him and be like.. are u really cool on me.. because if u are.. i need to know.. dont string me along. And i know he really doesnt wanna break up with me.. he just likes to argue.But im sicc of that shit.. i just want us to be the same and cuddle and kicc it... IDK.. fucc i can't sleep.. i think i just have to say .."GOODBYE" before he does.. because nobody has ever broke up with me before.. and I'll be damn if this boy is the first one that does...YA DIGG!!!!

DAMm | Reviewer: nyeka | 10/10/08

I lUv Diz SOnG man DA rEASon Y i LuV dIz SonG IZ Cuz mE anD mY babY bEEn 2GeTha Fo 7mOnThs man anD all hE bEEn dO n iz MAKe N mE cRy AnD hUrT n Me BAD hE sELpT wiT anTha FeMALe and chEATeD oN mE mO deN oNcE aNd I stIl TuK dat NiGGA back i dIdNt EvEn HAvE da strengh 2 BrEAk Up WIt Em wEN hE maDE mE CrY and shYt hE ALwaYZ aCuSsED Me Ov ChEAT n On Him I nEva DiD i wAZ fAItHfUl 2 HiM MAN dEn 2DAY i WAZ lISTeN 2 Diz SOnG On mY pOd AND i lISteN 2 iT abOuT 10 TiMez AND den I kalled HiM and ToLD hIm Im OffIcalY tHrEW wiT cHU and hE act lIKe hE dIdNt CArE and He SAId oK bYe DeN 2 HrS.l8ta hE txtS me BACK Im SrRy BAE u My WOrLD GUrL i LuV u AND all DAT shYt I jUS StarT cRYn AND saiD imA b STrOnG and KEEp mY hEAD Up and DNt LET hIm BrInG me doWN No mO HoPEfUllY i WIll GeT OVA hIm ANd C mY way ThRew anD PuT mY seLf 2 da siDe ANd lEt GoD SEND me DA rItE 1...

its very hard | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/08

me n my baby been on n off now for 4 years...he cheated on me but i took him bak cuz i love him so much...we just broke up again...but this time we both said it was for good...n its so hard cuz now we hav a child together...i wish that we could had worked things out n be a family...idk if i should giv up completely or to deep down hold on to hopes that one day we will be together again n forever...

it s hard as hell | Reviewer: young sk | 9/17/08

me n my girl have been together for 3 years on n off n i m sooOOOOOoooO in love wit her but it seems no matter how hard i try something will laways b hurting her but i m ready to spend my nutral life wit her but i don't know if she'll ever come bak god damn!!

why | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/08

Why do guys tell you they love you and want to be with you, your the only one, they want to marry you...Then when things get stressful you tell them you need a break, he says NO, then a little bit later he breaks up with you and is WITH ANOTHER GIRL that night!??! Who does that?!?! I tell him I'm over him, truth is I'm not. I still care about him deeply, and he was my first true love. Will it ever get better? We have been on and off for 5 years, should I leave a spot for him to come back?

whats best | Reviewer: pworldgangsta | 8/20/08

sometimes goodbye is whats best.. esp. when you spend more time stressing and being sad because your parents hate the grl ur with with all their not ready for goodbye though..or is t just i dont know how to put it out there...

D | Reviewer: mainey | 8/16/08

this reminds me of me and my man we been on an off every summer because of the distance and it hurts like hell we been feelin each other since 2nd and 3rd grade and now that were in highschool we are taking are relationship further then we did years back and i mean he is the one i wanna be with forever.. Every other dude i was with i cheated on them for him .i never cheated on him i feel when this distance thing is fucking everything up and dis is hurting . in the song is so true when they say "theres more to life than loving yourself,you gotta learn to love someone else." i found the one that i can love other than myself.. also when they said"Aint no one in this world that can ever take your place
all the love that we shared it can never be erased
and I know that babe that it hurts so bad
and i'm sorry babe you were the best i had." this piece of lyrics takes me by surprice each and everytime damn... this song is DEEp as hell it gets me everytime.........

goodbye | Reviewer: edgar | 5/30/08

its so hard to say goodbye my girlfriend and i are fighting because she cheated on me and i found out and i want to brake up with her but everytime i try i just brake down. im so in love with her she was drunk and had sex but i dont know if i should forgive her or not because i really love her. I play this song everyday and i want to say goodbye but i cant because the past year an a half has been the best and i will never change any of it.

Breaking up is hard | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/08

To me it seems like the reasons why we break up is so we can make up. But to be honest...the last time we did, it was for good.We got into the habit of doing that so often that it lost meaning. We both took advantage of the fact that we both loved eachother so much that we knew we would get back together eventually...But thats not the way your supposed to be with the one you say you young too.. but i know i lost my soulmate becoz i knew i had problems but i chose to be blind to them and not deal with it in order to save myself from heartache.. This is a big lesson in life And now I have to live knowing I lost the best thing that ever happened to me..

Dont Wanna Say Goodbye | Reviewer: L.J. | 5/29/08

This Song Reminds Me Of My Ex, And How We Still Loved Each Other After We Broke Up But i Killed Any Chance Of Us Ever Being Together Again, And iT Kills Me More Everyday. i Miss Him More Than Anything. i Never Wanted To Wake Up Without Seeing Him Next To Me, Or Him Calling To Say i Love You. He Was The BEst i Had. i Miss Him, And Despite What i Tell People i Still Love Him.

i got say something to jagged edge group | Reviewer: kamugisha | 4/25/08

men thins thing is a way far tight, and on mu opinion as another fan of yours and music in general please make something like remix of this song. which i swear it is going to be real come back. please you have to do that get someone to feature and it has to be abit more slower to make iit even more tight. we love you guyz

i cnt let u go.. PLs give me 1 moe chance | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/08

Everytime that I argue wit mah gorda(baby) I jus break down deep. She kndwbi heka love her..!! She everything to me!! I cnt Neva love anyone the way I love u baby..!! I fought for u for along time I finnally had u.. We was together for a year.. It was the best year of mah life..! we had our ups n downs n fought alot buh the good times were so beautiful.. I luv this gur 4rom da bottom of mah heart I really do..!! Hope one dat well come back to each other.. Luv u so much baby...!!!!•:)

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