Front Row Fan | Reviewer: The Best ever...............Jackyl Rocks | 12/18/14

Bad Bad is such a good way. We love Jackyl their music rocks our world. We have been frot row with Jackyl for the last 14 years at the FTS Stirgis SD. See you there 2015 PUH POW

Drums | Reviewer: LMMerck | 8/1/14

Dear Jackyl fans. I live in Clemson SC and believe that I have recently acquired One of Jackyl's original drum kits. Being that the local folklore is that Jackyl's members have origins in our neighboring town of Seneca SC this is possible. It is an 80s Rogers 6 piece kit in Lava Blue. The kick has some tom rash but i am planning on getting all of them rewrapped by Palmetto Drums Fred Wooten. If Chris Worley knows of this kit please email me at Thanks.

jimmy (james) stiff | Reviewer: michael | 2/5/14

I love jackyl, matter of fact the city that the worley's are from loves jackyl. In a lot of bios I've never seen anything about original memebers, or truth about the bands history. First off the bios never mention the real original members, and where two of the still acting members are from. Chris and jeff worley are from south carolina. JESSE(JAMES)DUPREE is from ga, let's not forget who they are and where they came from. I'm proud to be from sc, and I'm ashamed to know that a band I admire leaves the badass drummer that helped them along the way.... so ill take the time to thank him for giving sc a bad ass band, and he's still got a badass band. THANK YOU JIMMY ( JAMES) STIFF...

Missing | Reviewer: Bill | 4/30/13

|I would ;love nothing more than to review the band live. only problem they don't cross the border......which sucks ass for us canuck fans of the band...and hey where can i get bass lines for these guys................

Sucks to be in laporte texas.... | Reviewer: Pamela Castillo | 11/22/12

Been lovin Jackyl since 1992, always want more!! For Paul Huggins in texas, go to www.CD and get your Jackyl fix,also go to Mighty Loud, Official Jackyl Website, Twitter, Facebook-type in Jesse Dupree- lots of options come up. 20 years later and Jackyl still rocks!!!

lisa dawn | Reviewer: lisa dawn | 7/9/11

KICK ASS SHOW!! Saw them when they first started out years ago and just saw them again last week in a tiny bar in jackson,mississippi and they SO kicked ass. I was so impressed with the show AND the fact that they hung around in the bar until everyone got pics and autogrphs! I thought that was awesome. Cant wait ti they come back around. Ill definetly go out of my way to see them;)

ur songs | Reviewer: paul huggins | 1/31/11

why in the hell can we get jackyl songs in laporte texas 77571 there is a walmart target best buy and a barnes and noble , some one stole my fucking cd case dammit and it is next to impossiable try to email jj dupree but that is just as fuck-up , iam fucking fighting god damm mad