Jackson Browne the rebel Jesus | Reviewer: Mls71492 | 12/25/14

This may be blessed for me, but I don't think divine revelation ended with the Bible. Some of our songwritersseem to be penning New books of Scripture. It would be easy to say Jackson Browne is the best ever. But we would leave out so many. I believe anybody's Tap in to truth, It's a glimpse of reality, so the source of Jackson Brown's brilliance is probably the same sourceas Neil Young, rush, Kansas, Sarah McLachain, Bob Dylan, the Eagles, there's so many The point is Jackson Browne is a treasure he translates the truth from the caustic records to my ears and opens my heart clears my mind so I can live a life it's more cognizant of reality! Thank you Jackson Browne I'm glad you're in the world with me!

This is it | Reviewer: Teeda | 7/27/14

This is it, this is the song that best represents the message and the challenge of the season - the message of Christ. Enjoy and reflect. We are all one in the struggle - the struggle to understand the gift of life and the struggle to survive the journey. Look at each other - we are more alike than we are different and that will always be true. Thank God for the pagan Jackson Browne. Thank God for Jesus.

Comment on Rebel Jesus | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/14

I believe that words are true. The song makes me cry every time I hear it. If I don't want to cry, I won't listen to it. There cannot be the melody without the words. There cannot be the words without the melody. They go in sync.

Gets you to think a lot about what Jesus said. | Reviewer: Frances | 12/12/12

Its a thought provoking song. I like it because it reminds me so much of Jesus and the way he lived. I know I could not live as Jesus and his disciples did. They suffered and I do not know why. He helped the sick & poor people & was given up to suffer. That is the real mystery of the cross. The goodness of Jesus is always forgotten by us.

Challenging Carol Relevant For Any Time | Reviewer: Diana | 12/23/11

I was taken aback by the lyrics and tune of this selection on the Chieftains album, and quickly it became one of my favorite seasonal songs. It sounds so totally Irish, in the direct manner of Celtic peoples, so I was surprised to learn it was written by Jackson Browne. Definitely a keeper, and I agree with the nice review by Brent.

refreshing | Reviewer: Brent | 12/20/11

Jackson Browne's twist on Christmas carols with lyrics that challenge our complacent approach to faith is beyond refreshing. The song fits well on the Chieftains Christmas recording and should give any serious Faith practitioner pause with that age old question: if Jesus came today, would I be one of those who would murder him? While I doubt anything about my theology or politics would line up very well with Mr. Browne, he asks a remarkable question. Have a wrestled with the real Jesus or do I prefer a helpless baby who stays in a manger and has little impact on my life, my treatment of others, my stewardship of this earth or my willingness to submit to God's leading. As with so many Jackson Browne songs, his subtle use of humor is spot on. And his message is solid without being heavy handed. Kudos to Mr. Browne. If you've not heard the Chieftains album (Bells of Dublin) containing this song, I can highly recommend it.

Jackson is real | Reviewer: doc preacher | 12/19/10

I've had the pleasure of meeting Jackson at various gigs and in various places and to answer the pretender yes, he is authentic and practices what he preaches...one of the few voices of this generation that does, along with Bruce Cockburn, CSNY, and others. I'd suggest the pretender try to be less cynical and concentrate on bettering his own pathetic existence. Maybe then he will find out where the rest of us are and will learn how to do something for the greater good rather than just whining from his mothers basement.

Jeus loves Jackson Browne | Reviewer: candle | 7/4/08

We should be grateful for artists like Mr. Browne. He has put to deed his words, and anyway, poets "do" words that touch others and motivate them to action. Those like Jackson Browne are long overdue for a powerful popular comeback with the missional millenial generation.

He is one of the few artists that hasn't sold out. He is too honest for that. He isn't perfect, just human. Joni Mitchell is another.

Are you real? | Reviewer: the pretender | 5/9/08

I'd like to know if Jackson Browne gave the proceeds of this song to the poor? Do you practice what you preach? Do you have an alarm system on your ivory tower so as not to need guns to guard your fine possessions. Who are you Jackson Browne?