inspiration | Reviewer: Marlee | 7/24/09

I first heard of Jack Johnson just a little over a year ago. My brother is a music finatic, as am I. So I started listening to him and I just live in the moment.
And it's definietly true that you can NEVER get sick of his songs. Everytime I listen to them it just seems like im hearing a different song because i get different interpritations each time im listening. Great music!

Jack Johnson | Reviewer: Breton Eby | 3/30/09

I was first introduced to his music by a good friend, and have just continued to love and learn more about his music. While reading the other comments posted, i felt the same way. most of his songs make you think, really just sit down and think. Relax, and take life one day at a time. I love Jack Johnson's music, and i will continue to pass on the music to others who can enjoy him as much as i do. I would also really love to visit Hawaii, and possibly meet Jack. I wish :)

thanks. | Reviewer: Rebecca Jones | 2/9/09

His music insperational. His talent incredible. Original, Unique, Mellow, AWESOME. what more could you ask for thats just a recipe for pure music unlike lots of the cheesy stuff that comes out these days. And if you happen to read this thank you so much. your a one of a kind with raw talent and one of the best songwriters for a long time. Your lyrics have meaning and cheer me up when i'm feeling down. My favourite song has to be the news.

jack the best songwriter for a long time | Reviewer: Becs. | 2/9/09

Jack Hody Johnson is one of the best songwriters going, he is truly inspirationol and i can listen to his songs a thousand times over never get sick of them and by now i know all the words to most of them. Bushfire Fairytales has to be the best mind.
and if jack ever happens to read this THANK YOOOOOOOU !!!! after listening to him and his original way of writing it has made me write a few songs of my own . And if you ask me he's as good as bob dylan and singers just as impressive. His mellow riffs cheer me up when i'm down and thats what good musics for (:

JACK thx for the memories | Reviewer: collin | 12/2/08

hey, jack is awesome i mean like way cool but im learning guitar and ive made some songs inspired from him. if i never heard of Jack then i would of never started learing guitar. i thank jack from the bottom of my heart

A true inspiration | Reviewer: Lindsay Folkard | 9/30/08

I have listened to jack johnson's music since brushfire fairytales came out some time ago and have not stopped since. He is a true inspiration to me and I cannot get enough of his music, seriously it does not ever get boring. His songs seem to me to work in reverse to any other music. you hear it first and yeah it sounds pretty darn good. But then you hear it again and again and again.... and the more you hear it the better it seems to get, not like other songs which go the other way. A music teacher once said to me that good music is music that you can listen to over and over again and not get sick of. That's exactly what jacks music is like to me. I can't wait for his next album but hey im listening to better together so it's all sweet.

My Favorite! | Reviewer: Anonymous. | 9/27/08

Jack Johnson is the best music to relax and calm yourself to.. The song "Breakdown" always makes me feel better because of the line: "oh please just, let me please break down"..and it shows its okay to have to deal with things and cry sometimes, but in the end you just gotta keep riding the train of life.

mellow | Reviewer: Mellow gal | 9/11/08

I love Jack Johnson!!! his music is so mellow!!it always makes me happy. me and my friends went to his concert and this was the most awesomest first concert i went to!!!! so glad i found out his music!!! love ya

gavin and stacey | Reviewer: Bekah | 9/2/08

a programme not in the us yet, gavin and stacey is pure genius. one of the characters, rather overweight and welsh, ness becomes pregnant. at the end of the second series, she gives birth to a baby and whilst in labour, 'uncle bryn' plays jack johnson to her. hilarious moment but soothing music.

Therapeutic | Reviewer: tiffany | 7/6/08

I gave birth to the music of this man! And my children (5 and 1) love him too! I actually told my husband while having our baby and listening to Jack's music that if I ever had another one (baby) it would be Jack Johnson's. We both laugh about that now. His voice and sound are so soothing it is therapeutic. Whenever I need to de-stress, I listen to his CDs and they just soothe me.