he's the best | Reviewer: Case | 4/17/06

Well what can i say? Jack Johnson is truly magnificent!.. He's my inspiration to write music! His music is so soothing, upbeat, peaceful and real. I fall asleep listening to him every night!.. I envy his lifestyle so much, but good on him for being so successful! He truly deserves it.. We need more, real music like Jacks in the world - there's not enough of it these days!.. Good on you Jack, please continue to keep doing what you're doing!! It's the greatest! :)

awesome | Reviewer: les | 11/11/05

jack is "simply" great as song writer, performer, musician. His music was playing in an italian restaurant i visited a yr ago. i went straight out and bought Brushfire Fairytales, have listened to it most days since and have never bored of it. I now also have his 2 other Cd's On and On, and In Between Dreams, which have also been played constantly in my house, my kids all love him too, and every one who has had to listen. Absolutely thrilled that he is touring U K next year, have my ticket ready and can't wait to go. Looking forward to his next string of purely simple, yet intricate melodies.

unquiet | Reviewer: tamy | 10/16/05

there's no such artist as jack johnson. i love to fall asleep while listening to his cds and than in the morning when i wake up, i know it's gonna b one hell of a day. i love him, i love him, i love him. he's my inpiration too cause i'm doing some music myself. leisure and earthy and simple. he's strumming my dreams! don't let him stop:) viva jack!

THE BEST MAN... | Reviewer: ginger | 9/28/05

Jack Johnson is just the best.. no one as good as him. I simply loooove him. Thats the way music should be... simple yet pleasing and add to that a great voice and looks.. i really dont mind that ;-) Will write a better an ddetailed review later.. but all i wanna say is .... HE IS THE BEST !!!!

One Word | Reviewer: Jennifer | 5/14/05

Jack Johnson can be described in one word - remarkable! Jack Johnson is good at everything he does and I envy him for that. He is a wonderful artist, a great musician, and a killer song writer. I have never seen his films but I am sure they are awesome as well. I wish he would tour to Ohio. I can listen to all of this CD's in a row over and over again and never get tired of them. I actually went a couple of days without listening to it and started to have withdrawls. He is truly magnificent.

Love the lyrics, music,a soul not afraid to say how it is and how it should be. | Reviewer: Sharla Singh | 4/26/05

I started loving his music with the release of "Brushfire Fairytales". His lyrics are inspiring. I am always wondering what is going on with the world, and by that I mean, myself, my friends, my family, and everyone else. Why are we constantly offtrack and how our feelings and intentions get caught up in all the things that don't actually matter. So nice to see that not everone(especially nice to hear a male feel this way i must confess)---not everyone is like that. We all fall short, but just understanding and knowing the way is a comfort. I am not just relaxing and drawn to the peaceful ways of his music when I listen to it(though that is a huge attraction also) but I am always reminded of things I should and shouldn't be doing. Sounds crazy and maybe a little over the top, but I don't care. I've always wanted to surf and I have yet to visit Oahu, Hawaii. It is a lifestyle I've always been attracted too,(alot of people are, I am not rare)-it is just so fitting that his whole background is that lifestyle. But my circumstances don't permit me to travel. Just working and loving my daughter. Yeah, this isn't my review, I forgot. But when I listen to him, it takes me to a different place. Sounds cliche', but it's true!!! Finally I will actually get to see him in Phoenix, az. at the Dodge Theatre!! (Wish it was on the shores of Oahu, Hawaii, but who's complaining, not me!!) Keep up the wonderful song writing. Also--i know I hear some Bob in there,along with many others- Love him too!!