The Aloha Spirit | Reviewer: Ahmed Fouda | 6/29/08

I couldn't have put it any better than this; his aloha spirit

I think that's what you call the chill, laid back sound of his music and voice that makes you forget everything for just a split enjoy the moment

I'm not sure what was meant by "Growing up with influences such as Ben Harper" (he's that old ?!)
But i know this, when i saw the Jack Johnson & Ben Harper's vids on youtube...EARGASM, Oh aaaaaaaaaaah

Correction. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/08

just for the record, he wreck during the pipeline masters. he got disqualified for only catching 2 waves instead of 3. this was bc the others in the comp. continuously snaked his waves and didnt allow him to surf.(bc johnson was so young) He thrashed himself later and had to get extensive stitches and surgery... having nothing to do with the pipeline masters.

Enlightening | Reviewer: Chad Mires | 3/26/08

Quite Possibly the most amazing sound ever heard. Jack Johnson is our profit for this generation. Thank you for changing so many lives for the better. This man is a GENIUS. I'm convinced the surf accident was a message to pursue music. Thank you for opening eyes and minds.

Thanks Jack | Reviewer: Tania Roberts | 3/23/08

I am a 50year old Australian mother who was introduced to Jack Johnson by my 18 year old son 2 years ago. We had the priviladge to attend his concert in Sydney last weekend. To Jack Thank You so much!!! Your words mean so much to us. Your concern was magical. who elso entertains a mum her two teenager sons with an honest heart felt morals that mirror my own!Thankyou. We are fans for life!

LOVE.. | Reviewer: chelsi kramp | 3/5/08

i have ALWAYS loved Jack Johnson. One of my close friends died in a wakeboarding accident, i'm only in high school and i have choir as an elective. My teacher told the class to play your favorite song to the class. I loved the words that he uses and how he sounds, not like everyone else just someone that he made up. He is so unique and his voice is INCREDIBLE. The words in Traffic in the sky just makes all my trouble dissapear

Love at first listen | Reviewer: Rafael David FariasGonzalez | 2/21/08

I found Jack on iLike and within minutes fell in love with his music. I often put on his songs before going to bed and fall asleep listening to them. I do Karaoke every week and when I discovered Jack I immediately looked to see if they had any Jack Johnson in the catalog. I learned "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing" in a hurry and performed it last night. I hope one day I have the honor of attending one of his concerts. My absolute favorite Jack Johnson song is "It's All Understood." This song is like a drug, it immediately changes your mood and makes you reflect on life.

jackfan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/08

Jack Johnson is the single best artist out there. His tracks are catchy, his lyrics are great, and you can never get sick of his music. I find myself constantly trying to find the meaning behind his lyrics which is the mark of a great songwriter. Thanks Jack for the countless hours i'v spent listening to your music.

can smbody help me ? | Reviewer: katarina | 1/27/08

Hi guys, I realy love jack johnson but where I live his music is hard to find so if u can help me I please u to help me because I realy love him very much. . .

jack johnson rox! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/08

jack johnson makes me feel alive. his music is so comforting and inspiring. i love how when i'm sad i listen to his music and the lyrics and everything else about his songs lift me off the ground.

me and my family | Reviewer: angel818 | 12/13/07

me and my dad and my step mom listen to his music in the garage and we just started singing along we can all listen to his cds for a week and never get tired of it WE LOVE JACK JOHNSON