me and my dad and step mom | Reviewer: angel818 | 12/13/07

we listen to the cd in between dreams a few weeks ago and we just started singing along we can listen to his music for a week and not get tired of it he is just a crazy good song writer

Tops in my CD Deck | Reviewer: Mark Vercellotti | 12/2/07

I have been around for 41 years and grew up around 60's and 70's, did not like the Big Hair days of the 80's. Metallica was the only band I enjoyed, and that was not until it was burned in somewhere in the 90's(not sure). Then last year I heard a friend mention Jack Johnson, and I was able to get a hold of "On and On" and "In Between Dreams". I was floored! For me it was good enough for me to listen to his CD's over and over, so much that I wore them out(literally). Had to buy new ones! I turned all of my friends on-to his stuff and they were enthralled.Thank you Jack!! Keep it up!

Damn Good Music | Reviewer: J.M.A.XX | 11/26/07

I stumbled across one of Jack's tracks "Never Know" wile surfing the web. This is the stuff that that makes everything OK. I've been a Hip Hop Dj & photographer since 1979 and I'm so tired of hearing the SOS "My Car, My Rims, My Chain, The Hood". Make no mistake about it, I'm an "African American" and I'm from a real hood in New Jersey now living in Atlanta, GA. However, I love good music f**k the genre, labels, & categories. Jack is doing the damn thing. I'll see you in concert 4-sure.


he is the best | Reviewer: angel818 | 11/15/07

i love jack johnson when i am with my dad we alway put in the cd in between dreams we love the songs banana pancakes and constilations i can not stop listening to that cd we are obsest with it my mom and dad went to his consert and got me a cool shirt I LOVE JACK JOHNSON SO MUCH

Amazing! | Reviewer: laura | 11/14/07

i have loved jack johnson's music since the first time i heard bubble toes. whatever mood i am in i can listen to his music. i would love to see him in concert. please come to Misouri!

Jack Johnson | Reviewer: Russ | 9/27/07

Pure Gold... his music is just magic... Love listening to his tunes..
He is great live as well.
Come Back To NEW ZEALAND!! haha!
Keep on crackin Jack!

j who? | Reviewer: ricky | 9/3/07

jack johnson gud muzic yeh but listen to mika or even better queen n da hollies...musik dis generation is truly bad...listen to da old musik n fall in love wit it all ova again.[its also music your parents will love!]

the greatest | Reviewer: matt | 8/5/07

theres so much to be said about someone who is putting out the best music to be written in who knows how long if not the best ever...all of his lyrics can help you get through so many different times in your life, good and bad times...
love ya jack keep doing your own thing!!!

way cool | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/1/07

his music is so soothing and inspiring and his lyrics and guitar always work perfectlty together. his songs make me want to hug whoever happens to be closest to me, especially "banana pancakes" mmm... mmm...

Jack Johnson! | Reviewer: Linda | 5/14/07

I love Jack Johnson. I first found out he exsisted by my friend who is obsessed with Jack. And my friend had his song "Banana Pankakes" as the ringtone. Sometimes i would just call to hear it. But now that I have the song, I dont need to.