Moving | Reviewer: The teacher down the hall | 2/25/11

I introduced a Jack Johnson favorite to my class (With My Own Two Hands). The children loved it! Children singing this song brings an audience to tears in a big way- very moving- very inspirational.

Nice job brother Jack.... | Reviewer: Prayash Chettri | 11/2/10

The songs "might just let it go" is one of the awesome songs that i have heard.....I don't know wat feeling did Mr. Johnson had while playing this song....but i think that this is the song that i want to hear when and wake up in the morning to face the challanges of the day.....But anyways people "ROCK 4 PEACE & UNITY"

how i wanna turn out | Reviewer: Harry | 9/29/10

Jack Johnson is giving me the inspiration to grow up and write music. I wanna be just like him in every way, he's my role model and i hope i can follow in his path and turn out the way he did! Surfing, and playing the guitar. A perfect life.

A true wonder. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/21/10

Jack Johnson has been a real inspiration in my life. He gave me faith and hope in my darkest time and I started listening to him at just the right moment. I really think that it was not just a "coincidence." I think that Jack knows all truth and the secrets of the world...maybe because he almost died? I really think he is an amazing person and was truly meant to write songs to be an inspiration to the rest of the world. Thank you, Jack! You are truly amazing!

Jack's a Class(ic) Act | Reviewer: JT | 8/3/10

I 1st heard his music when walking past someone's campsite in a beautiful old growth forest in Oregon. We all stopped to listen & had to ask whose cd. I've been CAPTIVATED since. His music makes my life more enjoyable!

Jack Johnson in Indianapolis | Reviewer: angie zanetis | 7/24/10

WOW! Jack and G. Love were Amazing! Thank you for including Indiana on your To The Sea 2010 tour. As always when Jack Johnson is in the Haus, Jack's spirit, talent, passion & energy filled the air in Indy last evening. Jack's personal flare that he sincerely delivers with each new song was solefully touching. Additionally, Jack's classic tunes; Taylor & Flake to just name a few were intertwined brillantly in Jack fashion. His tribute to his new daughter was heartfelt and compelling. With it being Jack & Kim's 10th wedding anniversary - Jack closed the concert with a dedication to his wife - followed by Angel and Better Together - How Apropos! You Rock Jack! As we were leaving the concert Jack's police escorted bus zipped past us. There were bikes on the back of the tour bus - so real, adoreable & a really cool moment to feel for a brief moment that Jack and his family enjoyed IN. Being the weekend of the Brickyard Jack mentioned that both Jimmy Johnson and Sarah Fisher welcomed his family to the track. INDIANA loves Jack Johnson! Travel safely & God Bless!

AMAZING | Reviewer: brandon somoza | 6/3/10

jack johnson is one of the most talented people i have ever heard of . he is a huge inspiration in mylife and he is a great role model . my favorite song is "banana pancakes" becasue not only do i love banana pancakes but i also love the message about being carefree and i think people every where should be carefree atleast once n their lifetime.....if u think otherwise then u r going to die in 3...2...1.... nah just kiddin i cant make someone die but seriously u better not disagree or i will find you!!!!!

truth be told | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/17/10

Jack johnson is a man that is tru to himself and has found the way to express himself through the art of music. He sets himself free and glorifies the 6 strings. Traveling to a place that isn't tangible is what its like to here the sweet sounds of his music. Inspirational and yet quiet in approach. Wish all music was like this. Being true to one's self is the ultimate goal and he has achieved this. He has helped me to move on past catasrophies in my life with a smile glemming in the sun and darkest days. Sincerly thank you Jack. If I was to meet you I treat you as a a friend that has been so dear to me and discuss the issues facing the world like in the song "cookie jar" and have a few laughs of course. Hope all is well and maybe one day we will cross paths until then I will listens and always look up to the constellations to connect to the suttel peace.

always soothing | Reviewer: Benjamin | 2/13/10

The first Jack Johnson song i listened to was 'Upside down' back in 2006. since then i've been listening to his songs almost everyday and its never boring. his talent in playing acoustc is amazing!He's my favorite artist, there's no doubt about it. carved his own niche in music. WE LOVE YOU JACK.....

Inspirational | Reviewer: David Adzer | 8/16/09

A friend of mine came back from Amsterdam and brought a copy of "in between dreams" it cut me like a knife to hear his smooth mellow style breeze through, as an up-coming artist, i'v always look for a role model...i'v just fund one!-JACK JOHNSON.