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Performed by Jack Johnson

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sweet song, weird coincidence | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/10

my boyfriend went away for the week and i miss him like crazy. I found this song trying to find something to fall asleep to, because I haven't really been able to sleep lately. My boyfriend comes home on Sunday. It's crazy how it can seem that lyrics are written for you XD

looooove this song & artist | Reviewer: Tula | 8/21/08

My little nephew loves this song! Every evening when its time to sleep, him mom holds him and put this song on, turn off the lights, and he holds his little blanket in his tiny little hands and sleeps...i love to see them!

Reservist | Reviewer: ddf | 7/26/07

I found this CD at the Navy Exchange on my base. My daughter absolutly loves it. It's become kind of a ritual for me to call at bedtime when I'm away on reserve duty (she stays with her grandparents)and sing it to her. It comforts both of us to hear it. "I'll be home Sunday, just in one week..." That's my favorite line, because it means that the first of the two weeks is over and I'll see her again soon.

my little boy loves that song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/07

one of the nicest sweetest songs , i've ever heard. my infant can't go to sleep without hearing it. because of it, we also discovered the talented Jack Johnson.

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