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Performed by Jack Johnson

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ilovethissongg | Reviewer: jazzazzaza | 7/29/08

wow, voice of reason?
more like voice of an asshole.
just because your own relationships have been crap due to your shitty outlook on life, dosent mean you have the right to go and pick apart songs that portray the kind of life you WISH you had.
you honestly have no life do you?

as for the song, i love it.

response to Voice of Reason | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/08

voice of reason your an idiot and i just wasted three minutes of my life learning how depressing your pathetic life must be.

the is my dad and step moms wedding song and they are happily married so you have no idea what your taking about you piece of shit

haha i agree with p | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/08

Ferr real that guy needs to get a life. If he didnt like the song why the heck would he be reading the lyrics! Or even bothering trying to diss it when he knew people who are reading this song well like it duh...wat a fagface.... anyways

this song is soo cutee though...i dont know how anyone wouldnt like it!!

Voice of Reason go smother yourself | Reviewer: p | 7/19/08

This is not a response to this easygoing and sweet song (unfortunately) but instead it is a love note to VOICE OF REASON.

VOICE OF REASON - You are an idiot. Stop using your thesaurus and jacking off of real poets and authors and come up with something original. MOVE OUT OF YOUR MOTHER'S BASEMENT IF YOU DIDN'T KILL HER ALREADY, YOU CRAZY DUMB GONGSHOW. You like to get your point across with oversized letters? Take a hint. You spent at least 17 hours perfecting your lame response that meant nothing at all to most people that will read it. You are the transparent cliched moron that most people cannot stand. You are not smart and you are not deep. Nobody is impressed. Learn to do something else with your life other than knocking people with true talent. (And yes, I am knocking you because your only obvious talent is being a total douschebag) Go cream in your pants about how smart you think you are and leave the duty of writing intelligent thoughts to people who are capable of doing it. UMMMMMM FOR THE RECORD, JACK JOHNSON IS A PHENOMENAL ARTIST. Long live the music lovers, down with idiots that blog all night.

HEHE, :D | Reviewer: JoeyDOll <3 | 7/19/08

I love this song its so cute :D and for the douche bag who said that, why are you reading the lyrics or even listening to it if you think its so cliche?? yeah , keep your ignorant comments to your self thanks <3 i love jack johnson!! :D

HAHA | Reviewer: some reason | 7/19/08

I could not help but laugh at the "voice of reason". Just because you chose such an arrogant pseudonym and then proceed to use a thesaurus does not make your "insight" intellegent or correct. But you are right, Jack Johnson is clearly responsible for the epidemic of failed marriages and skin cancer. Ass. Oh, and great fucking song : )

A Rebuttal and A Review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/08

Voice of Reason, wow talk about pessimism. dude, you need to get laid. or at least get out some more.

Better Together is not your typical love song and that is exactly why it is not a cliched love song.

Nice song.... | Reviewer: Rylai | 7/15/08

Wow the voice of reason is a tool! I knew that guy back in college. Typical guy who has failed at life so now decides to take the "smarter and older approach" not realizing that we are smarter than he, and alot happier. Keep writing messages like that buddy! The years are gonna keep passing and you will still be single.

Anyways... back to the song. I actually heard this for the first time 2 weeks ago. It's one of my fiances favorite songs and we are actually using it for our precessional at our wedding. We didnt want the lame and regular garbage "love songs" you hear on the top 40

beautiful song | Reviewer: claudiap89 | 7/10/08

you'r such a bugger, go and do something useful! if you'r depressed or angry with your life don't spoil others lifes, this song is beautiful and even if the lyrics are cliches they are very truly and it helps a lot of people to have faith in love!


This song is an airborne, sentimentalist toxin. Its lyrics are comprised of exactly the kind of cliched, meaningless phrases that desperate, twenty-something males whisper into the ears of drunk women at beach parties. JUST BECAUSE YOU SING HORSE SHIT IN COOED, EXTENDED NOTES DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT IS ORIGINAL OR EVEN REMOTELY SIGNIFICANT.

Songs like this bring together stupid couples into over-hasty marriages, and then, three years down the line, when the song has been played so often they begin to realise just how little it's saying, they sever the bond and engage in a messy divorce.

People listen to this song on a mass produced ipod on a beach somewhere, fooling themselves into thinking that they will be young and carefree forever, when in actual fact the UV light shining down upon their brown, leathery skin is caused skin cancer, and that someday, when they're depressed and searching for meaning in a sea of alcohol and sentimental shit, they realise, with a spray of vomit and hormones, that the real world has caught up with them.


You will think this is stupid, but you would be wrong. For you, there is no hope. But for those of you for whom there is yet hope, know that this is merely the cold, hard, nihlistic trut.

Good day.

♥♥♥♥♥ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/08

My bf sings this song alot, and I listen to it all the time. He lives about a half hour from me but is busy all the time so I cant see him very often, but when I listen to this song it reminds me that we are better together than apart. I love him very much! Thank you Jack Johnson!!!

This song is so amazing | Reviewer: Gordon Bash | 5/20/08

for the past couple of months Ive been in love with his girl that is so confusing, but I love her and when I heard this song, I thought eh then I listened to the lyrics I started to cry because everytime I think about her, I think of all the amazing times we've had and wish that they can go on! I LOVE YOU JANINE CLARK!!

more.than.forever | Reviewer: nikki lam | 4/10/08

everytime i get sad, or bummed or angry, my boyfriend turns out all the lights, lights a few candles and plays this song. its been our song for about three years now and his make her feel better tool - and it always works!

p.s. loverboi...i'm sorry you're in a predicament but think of whats fair to your girlfriend. if you love her- as a friend or another person- please be fair to her. it will only make things feel free, though more complicated and definetly hard, think of how bad it is to hide it from her.

love the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/08

i first heard this song in my assemblys and agaian and again but then i thourt i shall look up who sings it and its jack johnson and the right voice that i hearer when im in the assemblys anyway kool song my friend loves this although now we have been spit up in differnt collages and differnt form (im in school not collage) lol

loverboi | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/08

im a guy and i like this other guy and we have this secret relationship. to make matters worse, i have a gf and i really dont know how to break it to her. This is mine and this guy's song.. *blush* it makes my heart melt

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