Reviews for Dark Blue Lyrics

Performed by Jack's Mannequin

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Love it | Reviewer: Jasmine | 9/10/08

this song is my happy song it helps me so much when im having a bad day. The way he speaks about loneliness and how when the world goess out of control, it just helps to listen to something i can relate to

enough | Reviewer: kid | 7/15/08

yea person who said fall out boy and panic at the disco arent sellouts your wrong. at least know what your talking about next time. r u that retarded? they are the biggest sellouts ive ever heard people are stupid.but yea jack's mannequinn pretty sweet.

I Love it. | Reviewer: Kie | 7/11/08

Haa i love this song, Like "In love with it" XD

and yea im not sure what's being said there. it really dosnt sound like it " like you said"
but all the same , the song owns so much ass:P


um. | Reviewer: taylor | 7/5/08

so in the third verse, the 'we were boxing' one, seven lines in..what he says underneath, it's not 'lights over my' like they say here it is. at least, it sure as hell doesn't sound like that. anyone have any idea?

love this song :D

Meaning? | Reviewer: Lauryn | 6/22/08

Dark Blue is a color representing Romance, and Passion.
Though I'm not sure if that is the meaning behind the song.
Jack's Mannequin is an amazing band, Bruised, Dark Blue, and The Mixed Tape are some of their best songs. (In my opinion)

great song | Reviewer: Zee | 5/31/08

i lurve this song its awesome the beat n the fee.
but can some one tell me the meaning of this song , what is it about? coz when i read trough out the lyrics seems like all in metaphor o.O i just dont get it :9 if any of you know what is this song about pleas do tell
thankies :]

this place is for reviews.. not for lame folks | Reviewer: Blake | 4/16/08

dude.. i thought these reviews were supposed to be about the song Dark Blue, not about stupid young teenaged people online trying to outspeak one another with their outrageous-ness. get a life... faggots.
Anyway, this is an amazing song.

two below person sucks | Reviewer: patronsaintofliarsandfakes | 4/15/08

fall out boy and panic at the disco aren't sellouts
im not just some groupie
but theyve come a long way and still stay true to their roots, just listen back.
dont hate what you dont even know.
i only protect them because theyre not as bad as you scene kids might think.
sellouts? i think not.
just a slightly different sound on some songs.
be happy for their success, otherwise you wont understand the long way theyve come.

WOW! | Reviewer: Mariah | 4/3/08

OMFG. I cant thank Ann for showing me this song! I absoutly LOVE (<3) this song. It is my favorite song ever! The lyrics match my life like you guys would never know. Nice work Jack'sMannequin! (Y)

Lillith or whatever. | Reviewer: Deirdre | 3/20/08


I'm not the one to start stupid fights on the internet even though I'm 14, If you don't even know the lead singers name...and actually bring clothing lines into this...stop right now, so you dont ruin this band for all the rest of us that have known and loved andrew and his bands before they were on mtv.

So go listen to panic at the disco or fall out boy or some sell out crap like that. but not andrew. hes too amazing.


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