Reviews for Dark Blue Lyrics

Performed by Jack's Mannequin

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this song rocks! | Reviewer: whydoyoucare | 11/19/07

i love this song!... i was randomly on youtube and this one girl did a lyrical dance to this song and right after i watched the video (she was pretty good) i went on itunes and bought this song!!! i love it!

dark blue luvr | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/07

this is the best song in the history of songs. I have fell so in love with this! if u dont love this song u have terible taste in music!!!

whoa | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/07

i randomly got this song because i love other jack's mannequin songs and wow i love it almost more than the mixed tape its great i just am itching to start dancing and singing when i hear it

........ | Reviewer: JJ | 11/8/07

This is me. It describes me so well. I'm probably the only person in my surroundings that could be alone in a crowded room.

This song kinda makes me feel not so alone, like Andrew knows what I'm going through and that he's kinda like here to help me. *Don't laugh at me. This is just me.*

: DD | Reviewer: MELYO. | 10/25/07

this song gives me mixed feelings.
it makes me feel like crying.
but it always makes me feel alright.

love it.

Song? Well it makes you feel better. | Reviewer: smac | 10/22/07

so a very good day turns into bad one i listened to this. <3
it made me feel mucho bttr.
and made me feel like everyone was jealous[ of course they were since i found this song] well yeaa i dont make sence thats just me. listen to the song k?

thnx . i think someone out there loves me muchoo!!!

Awesomee. | Reviewer: ~ | 10/17/07

I was looking at bands similar to The Academy Is... and I stumbled upon Jack's Mannequin. I liked 'The Mixed Tape', so I decided to download a bunch of their songs. And now 'Dark Blue' is my favorite song. <33

Song of THe Drive Home From Work | Reviewer: RIck | 10/16/07

Me and my ex used to listen to this song all the time, hearing it again makies me think of some of the good times we had, even though iuts hard to remember those now.......Music.. Damn IT

All right! | Reviewer: Sydney | 10/7/07

I was looking though music trying to find stuff for a good dance routie, and I foud this, and I fell in love with it INSTANTLY!

Love | Reviewer: sarah | 10/5/07

This song made me melt, i love it.
its amazing
its the kind of song that makes you want to cry, gives you butterflies and makes you smile..

i love it.

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