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Performed by Jack's Mannequin

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"have you ever been alone in a crowded room" | Reviewer: m | 6/18/09

So Andrew has said once that this was kind of like the sequel to Something Corporate's "She Paints Me Blue." He was renting out this tiny room and all that was there to keep it lit at night was this crappy blue lightbulb. He shared some memories with his girlfriend and now wife there. My interpretation it is that when you're with someone that you love, you can be with tons of people and only notice him, and how it can engulf everything in your life.

kool as poop!!!! :) | Reviewer: destiny kendall | 6/10/09

this is an awesome awesome awseome song!!!!!! i luv it... omg... i cant even tell you how much it describes my life... this song is kool... whoa... i just jizzed in my pants alittle... long story short... this song is as kool as poop!!!!! :)

Loneliness | Reviewer: music | 5/12/09

I think that its about someone who put under pressure all the time and all this pressure is causing the person to break down and hes saying what did you expect bc of what the pressure he is dealing with and the ambulence is a metaphor for someone to save him/her then he goes on to try to explain how he feels (always alone) even with a room full of people and even if those people are saying that they are there for him the water is a symbol for everything building up and how hes trying to keep from letting his issues get the best of him so he trys to swim and he cant think because of all the things building up and they want him to give up but he wont slow down

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/09

Mess with fate and the World will be destroyed, in this case by a flood.

Seems like the narrator is being called to his fate and someone else is telling him to defy fate for their sake because they need him. He says to slow down so he can enjoy the World while he's still here, and this other person can realize the World is something to enjoy when he's not around anymore.

Then it looks like this other person has either successfully convinced him to defy fate, or that he has accepted his fate.
In the fist instance, the world is being destroyed by a flood because of his defiance and fate is giving him reminders of what he is supposed to be doing. But he would rather swim and defy fate for this person and let the rest of the world drown.
In the second instance, he accepts his fate and a flood swallows him and ushers him to the Heavens, apparently. This other person refuses to accept this and continues to fight for him. And when the flood cut off the last of his power, it was just him and this other person. How could you give up? If you've ever been alone, you'll know. Dark Blue is either something too powerful, or too beautiful to resist.

Apocolyse | Reviewer: Jamie V W | 4/22/09

I think a flood is taking over the world and these two lovers are just trying to enjoy their last moments on earth, and with each other ie. "slow down". "the planets in a row" indicates to me, a type of supernatural thing happening in the song. i dunno, the meaning for this song probably isn't as scientific as how i'm interpreting it, but ah well! :DD

All-Time Favorite | Reviewer: KaoriCreator | 4/12/09

This is my all-time favorite song. No matter what, I just never get tired of it. I wish Jack's Mannequin were a bit more known, too. It's a pity whenever I talk about them barely anyone knows who they are, not even this song.

its more about "fate" rather than just a love song | Reviewer: julia | 4/8/09

the idea of fate ties into this song more powerful than the theme of love, its something that if its meant to be, something will happen and the couple will be together. however, if something is not meant to be, the person in this song is fighting it (we were boxing the stars). but nevertheless, the guy is still in love with the girl and its something he wants to hold on to.

for me, the beginning indicates that fate has revealed to the couple that they are not meant to be together, (iI'll wait for the ambulance to come, Pick us up off the floor, What did you possibly expect under this condition) the condition of the breakup, and both are in bad condition, but they turn to each other for comfort and healing.

however, he knows that he will always be there for her and she will always be in his heart with "Have you ever been alone in a crowded room well I'm here with you".

anyway, thats just how i interpreted the lyrics.

A flood? | Reviewer: littlekitsune1 | 4/7/09

When I hear this song, I always think of it being about an actual flood. Then two friends or lovers having to cope, and learning that they still have each other. I don't know, just thought I'd put my two cents out there.

awesome | Reviewer: anonymous | 3/15/09

this song is too great, it is the only song i can put on repeat and listen to it forever without getting ennoyed
Jacks mannequin is an amazing band but i can never understand what their song means
plus i don't get what part about this song makes evryone want to cry
Please explain

reply to "meaning" | Reviewer: Morgan | 1/28/09

Andy wasn't diagnosed with cancer until after Everything in Transit was written, so the song is most definitely not about that, though he does allude to being diagnosed with a disease throughout the cd, he had no idea at the time that he had cancer.

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