Reviews for Dark Blue Lyrics

Performed by Jack's Mannequin

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favorite song :] | Reviewer: Tracy | 3/20/08

this is my favorite song right now. it's just amazing in every single way. i wake up to it everyday and go to bed with it. it means a lot to me and it has depth and i just absolutley love it :]. it's like the band get's your life right now.

really nice Reviewer: LILLITH! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/08

Well, it doesnt sound like an emo song. i certtainly not emo AT ALL WHATSOEVER! my friends and i really LOVE it! we arent emo! we shop at abercrombie, hollister, american eagle,. etc! geez. the music video doesnt seem emo or whateverr. the lead singer is soooo hott! purr! rawr! lol

asdf | Reviewer: asdf | 3/5/08

This song is amazing because it was influenced by a great movie called "They shoot horses, don't they?" One of the saddest movies of all time that takes place in the 1930s during the Great Depression and two people enter a dance marathon and the whole time the really depressed girl tries to convince the guy to shoot her because ... they shoot horses, don't they?

Gotta know | Reviewer: luv jm | 2/1/08

This song always plays for me and i never get tired of it. there is a lot more to the lyrics than people think. Andrew wrote this song. If you are a Something Corporate fan then you would know that the lead guitarist is now with the band firescape and they are awesome too. Andrew wrote JM songs along with SC, but the guitarist wrote a majority of them too. The difference is in how they are when they are played. Andrew's are longer and the others are shorter and more vague. Listen and you'll be able to tell what I am talking about. I LUV JACK'S MANNEQUIN!!!!!!!!!

what!? | Reviewer: Loz | 1/16/08

I'm just getting into Jack's Mannequin, but Something Corporate is one of my favourite bands. I disagree that the are just another whiney emo band. That's a bland steroe-type. Andrew McMahon is really something special. The way he views things in everyday life is great, this song in particular isn't sad and depressing, or overly happy or funny. It's just perfect I believe.

Trash | Reviewer: Leo | 1/15/08

This song is very typical for high school angsty/emotional kids. The generic drum beams sounds like all the mainstream alt rock bands; I'm not a fan of Something Corporate or any other whiny emo band. Go cry out your hearts over your keyboards while you surf Myspace, children =)

its morre than a song | Reviewer: luverliferlaugher4everandever | 1/2/08

This song like honestly reaches out to me. I love it. Its been my favorite song since I first discovered it. I absolutley have always loved it. It makes me think about.... EVERYTHING. And thats why I love it. When I get married they'll be playing this song. Forever and ever dark blue. i luv u.

THE BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Jesse † | 1/1/08

This is one of the best songs ever! I feel like crying then making out with my girlfriend cuz both of them r the best in the entire world. If Falyn ever happens to find this, I'm so crazy about you and i want to make out with you! MAN!!!!! She is awesome!

drew | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/07

this song is so good i smile and feel good everytime i hear friend played it for me and the first time i heard it i went home downloaded it and listened to it for hours

amazing | Reviewer: lilane | 12/2/07

when ever im pissed or something i just keep replaying this song it really does make u feel so much better! bottem line is this is the BEST song EVER created!!!!

i <3 this song!

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