First Listened to this song on the Airplane | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/3/09

For the guy/girl who said beat this!!

My relation to the Song,

I met my Girlfriend/fiance when I was 5 living in Edmonton, and definatley had a crush on her. She moved away after a year to Kitchener Ontario. We wrote for a few years. Back in Edmonton in the day we had a mock Wedding. at 37 we somehow found our way Back to each other. I live in Calgary Alberta her in Waterloo Ontario.

32 years after not seeing each other we are Madly in Love with each other.

I Listened to this song on my Ipod on a flight home from Visiting her for a week last year, Already feeling Anxious, This Song struck more anxiety and Panic . I was hospitalized for a week to bring the adrenal rush down.
Although we still make it out to see each other every couple months (more so in the Summer) This song always Haunts me when I leave..

.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/09

this is really relateable to me...but I don't have a long distance relationship. I recently broke up with my long time boyfriend, who I planned on marrying, because he suffers from depression and needs to take time on himself and fixing his problems.

it was the hardest decision I ever had to make in my entire life.
it may help him in the long run, but I really do find myself counting the minutes he is not a part of my life.

Your own interpretations. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/09

the great thing about music is that no matter what the lyrics were intended to mean.. to each individual person it can mean something else. i've always felt as though "Brusied" greatly applied to me, but i never understood why. my brother unexpectedly passed away this past halloween. and after knowing and loving this song for years, the true meaning (as it would apply to me) finally clicked. with my brothers death, a huge part of me died as well. i'm not the same person, the girl that i was before this incident has fled the scene and she's never coming back. "Bruised" tells the story of my journey through loss, and wanting my old life back, the old me. but that's never going to happen and i'm going to be damaged, bruised- for the rest of my life.

airports... | Reviewer: E | 1/1/09

I listened to this song, like really listened to it, and it hit me hard. I was on my way to the airport after seeing my boyfriend for the first time in over a month. Leaving and not knowing when I would see him again.
Now it just really reminds me of how difficult it is to leave someone and not know when you'll be back again.

bruised. | Reviewer: Zoe | 10/15/08

Everything is a concept album of sorts about his break up with his long term girl friend. Andrew was diagnosed with leukimia, the same day that he finnished recording the album, in fact later in the day, therefore none of the songs on the album are about Andrew and his Cancer, unlike their new ablum which is ridilled with references

Insanity | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/08

Well this song really hit me hard when I heard it. To tell the truth, I've never exactly liked Jack's Mannequin but I'm away from my boyfriend for about a month and I started sobbing when I heard this. It gave me chills. Good song. Good song.

T.T | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/08

omg man this song reminds me of the day that i moved a year ago i actually did meet my girlfriend on the plane and it was a 12 hr flight we both knew that after that 12 hours we wouldn't see each other because we were going 2 different countries we broke up at the end of the flight and if i had to i really would as the pilot to fly slow just to keep our relationship intact for just 1 more minute.....

bruised | Reviewer: Tai | 6/29/08

ok. i think that he broke up with a girl and she is obviously sad and hurt but then he gets sick and realizes that he still loves her and on the plane. its his last chance to see her. and he wants to spend his last days with her..

reply. or email me im probably not gonna get back on to check for replies to

im in tears | Reviewer: alex | 4/2/08

this song is really touching i have a girlfriend in washington and im in california and wer communicating through the web so im really sad.......we met eachother a long time ago and hadnt seen her in 5 years then we met playing a online game and are dating right now | Reviewer: Elyse | 3/16/08

this song is insanely related to me. I saw this guy once. But knew him through a friend he lives in wisconsin. I live in Iowa. It's really hard to see eachother. For reasons. I talk to him dayly. He understands me more then anyone. I hate that I had to leave him. When i drove away in my car leaving him. It felt like my heart was being ripped out. Ha.. it was