Bruised? | Reviewer: Angelica | 9/25/07

I, too, feel like this song is about a boy who is in love with a girl that he doesn't want to give up. Perhaps, it's for different reasons than what some think.

I think that the whole behind the theme is that he loves her and he knows he'll see her again. Just unsure of how long, but then he's going to see her and that's why he's begging the pilot to go steady, no turbulance, no interruptions, and no risk of dying.

However, the mood that I get from this song is completely lonely, empty, and sad. You can hear the pain in his voice, and how this is how he truly felt at one time.

One day someone will know exactly what this song means to Jack's Mannequin. <3

vacation | Reviewer: Sarah | 9/13/07

I agree with the vacation theory. I just went to Jamaica, and met this guy. I never wanted to leave. I didn't want the plane flight to end casue i knew as soon as i got off the plane I might never see him again. Every time I hear this song I think of my guy, and it makes me cry.

song meaning... | Reviewer: Jennifer | 9/8/07

I agree with the people who see this as a break up that he is struggling with. Look at this passage:

So read your books, but stay out late
Some nights, some nights, and don't think
That you and I can't stop by the bar
You haven't shown your face here since the bad news
Well I'm here till close, with fingers crossed
Each night cause your place isn't far

And hours pass, and hours pass, yeah

It is like he is telling her to go on with your life, have fun stay out late, distract yourself. Don't think about the things we used to do together. But on the other hand he sits at the bar they used to go to together and hope she shows up there so he can see her. It is definitely a song about being torn.

I can relate. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/07

I relate to this song.. if Andrea and Nicole are correct with their interpretation.

Same story.. except my boyfriend and I are still dating and hoping to see each other again soon!

Jack's Mannequin is very good.

about jacks and armor for sleep | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/07

i thiunk this is a great song by jacks i also think
that all his songs are very similar
not the lyrics the sound
such as my fav. song was dark blue by jacks(ne one who luvs this song should check out dark blue) and then i went to my friends profile onmyspace and i was lie woah thats sounds like...
and i scroll down and there it is bruised by jacks mannequin i dont wanna bore u so ill just leaveit like this jacks mannequin is a great band and all there songs are very very catchy and awakening
so if u liekthis band also check out (car underwater bye armor for sleep) its more emo but also about a gurl that broke it of with him and now he went suicidal and hes telling her
"i dont care that u left and abandond me what hurts more is i would still die for u"
and thats excactly what he did killed himself becuz she broke it off well pce yall

oh man :[ | Reviewer: allyy | 8/8/07

i totally understand what the first person is saying. because that totally happened to me, and the lyrics are soo true :[ :[

Another interpretation | Reviewer: Laika | 8/6/07

Since he was sick while making this record (unless my sources are incorrect), I see this as a song about him leaving for treatment that's not 100 % sure (or not even, say, 30 %) to help.

Makes you see the song entirely differently, eh?

Bruised | Reviewer: Andrea | 7/30/07

I think this song is about two people who meet on vacation or somewhere they know they won't see each other again, and they fall in love. He knows that if he stays with her after he leaves, he'd be just as heartbroken from not seeing her as he would breaking up with her. But as soon as he breaks it off, he realizes it was a mistake.

AGGREEING | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/07


different take | Reviewer: Anonymous
------ About the song Bruised performed by Jack's Mannequin

i don't really know why i'm submitting my thoughts here but at any rate i seem to be the only who thinks he's glad to leave. well, glad is to light of a word, but he's relieved to be free of all his former obligations to love, to her. he's in flight, unfettered and free. he is terrified because freedom is a terrifying and rutheless thing, it gives us license to make mistakes larger than we can handle and to ruin everything, but that freedom is necissary. so yeah, he hurts now that he's left her and he wonders, was it right? can he go back? of course he wonders. but he can't.

"there's so much sun where i'm from,
i had to give it away, had to give you away."

AND PLUS, these lyrics show that the kid is is torn and has to fight himself to remain levelheaded about breaking up with her:

All I hear is what's playing through
The in-flight radio
Now every word of every song
I ever heard that made me wanna stay
Is what's playing through
The in-flight radio, and I
And I am, finally waking up

the songs are his head pulling him back to the relationship that he knows he can find a comfort that holds him down.

the song | Reviewer: shanna | 7/29/07

i think it's about a guy who wants to get away to decide what is best for him. get advice from other people. when he talks about keeping the plane steady and making it last i think he wants to take advantage of the time he has to decide what he wants. he knows he is hurting her but he doesnt know how else to deal with it. maybe he wants the relationship but its been too long for him, he wants to let go but there are too many things that remind him of her