Everyone has that one love | Reviewer: gracie beach | 8/13/11

I met this guy, a friend of my friend, after a few months we got together and I fell head over heals, I was so happy, the nights we'd spend curled up in bed just sleeping next to each other, Until one day I found out he had been sleeping with another girl, and inevitably it ended. This song just brings it all up to the surface.

mega bruised | Reviewer: eben | 7/10/11

Well my story is somewhat similar to some on here. Was in the university with my girlfriend of close to 3 years. I loved her to bits and had planned to spend my whole life with her but she cheated and eventually left for another guy. Even though I would not openly admit It to her, it crushed me real bad and for months I was still willing to take her back if only she would come clean and assure me it won't happen again. She was too proud to do that or maybe it was just a lost course. Its been 10 months since then, we've graduated and the funny thing is I think I still love her but I'm not sure if we can come back again cux too many bridges have been burnt...plus she still seems proud to say even though I think she wants me back.

my story and interpretation | Reviewer: random guy | 5/17/11

i guess i have a story just like everybody else has on here. i loved a girl with all my heart. she left me for another guy. literally made me feel worse than i ever have before. i'm in college and work full time so my grades dropped and my work ethic became horrible. my attitude toward everything was a "who cares" attitude. it lasted like that for about 3 months before my own mom called me an asshole and it made me realize that acting like that wasn't going to bring her back. but soon, she was calling me and begging for me back. i wish i could have gotten back together with her but it would have never worked out. she hurt me pretty bad and on top of that, my family was very against me letting her back into my heart. i still love her but i guess when somebody hurts you bad enough, you realize that they can't fix it and the only way you can be fixed is if you try other people. the song is just a big metaphor for me. she left me (got on a plane) and i wasn't able to get on the plane. she begged for me back which makes me think of the part where he says "hours past and she still counts the minutes that i am not there" and me not allowing her to be back in my life but still allowing the break up to kill me inside makes me relate to the part where he says "i never meant for it to feel like every single inch of me was bruised". the part with him asking the questions to the pilot is a little difficult but i think andrew is trying to say "we're happy right now (on the same plane) but don't let it go off track and ruin the relationship (which is happening throughout the song)". if you're firmiliar with andrew mcmahon and the jack's mannequin albums, you'll know that he broke up with that girl, kinda fell of the face of the earth and stopped contacting everybody he knew, made his first jacks album, came back to everybody, got back together with her, then he married her. so i guess thats the only hope i can have sometimes is stories like andrews.

my story | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/10

he has just sent me this song. I've read all the above interpretations and comments.
We met over a month ago at an expo where i was working and we hit off. We really like each other. but i live on the north, he in the south in Vietnam. he's a foreigner...I cried when he came back to HCMC to his work there.
next week we will meet again....I'm so excited...and hopeful.
Kyri, I miss you badly...we will dream a little dream of each other everynight and I hope we will be together soon, you will sing for me and dance with me..then we will go out in the rain hugging and kissing...

if only we had... | Reviewer: thedistanceisdaring | 6/29/10

I have an eerily similar story to that of Mentally. I've loved the same guy for over a decade, and too many missed opportunities have come and gone. Still, he is the only one I dream of and I can't imagine that can ever change. If only you had not let me get on that plane...

The other side | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/8/10

I'm not sure about the whole song, but the part "Hours pass, and she still counts the minutes.....like every inch of me is bruised", it reminds me of how it feels when you end it with someone that cares about you a lot. Like, when it just isn't working for you anymore, although you still care about them and you don't wanna hurt them...it realy does feel like you're bruised. Breakups suck at both ends

Best and worst | Reviewer: Lauren | 6/7/10

I absoluttly was in love. We were awesome together nothing was ever wrong. But one day he decided to break up with me. I was bbruised and broken. About a year later we went out again. I asked him not to hurt me like that again. Two days later he leaves me again. I'm bruuised but I know it was good for him to go. I can't live my life waiting for him to make up his mind but I will always love him. And he will always be the one who hurt me the most.

Everyone's got a sad story | Reviewer: Preventing Myself From Suicide | 6/1/10

I have deeply and totally unintentionally fallen in love with my best friend. He also tells me he loves me but I'm quite sure he's just playing with me, using me. But even if I know that, I still continue loving him more and more. Then, one day, he physically abused me and I let him because he was emotionally blackmailing him. All this has shattered me inside. And the worst part is, I still love him more and more each day. So, I decided it would be best for me to leave and so I'm going away. Sometimes running away is the only way home...

If only... | Reviewer: Mentally | 5/18/10

I met this girl ten years ago. She was my best friend, and I fell madly in love with her. The kind of love that does not come along more than once. I finally had her with me after so many years of being apart. I was too sick to be with her. We were feeding off of each others' mental illness. So, in the hardest decision I ever had to make, I pulled away from her. Putting her on that plane, and sending her home will always be the most bittersweet moment of my life. If you are out there, you know who you are, and I'll never stop loving you.

Love Lost | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/10

Love the song... Once upon a time i let the girl of my dreams go... and to me this whole song talking about a plane ride is just a huge metaphor in my mind. "There's so much sun where im from, i had to give it away, i had to give you away" that's me... i thought that my happiness i held was my own doing... but soon after she took the steps through the terminal to get on the plane im not going to ride, she was gone... and with it, my happiness. If only you could turn back time right? =/ I Love you Leslie Ann White. If you're out there... my heart is with you. First and Last love of my life. Wish i never let you go.