love it | Reviewer: hannah | 6/22/07

i think that this song reflects what he and a girl had, and the memories they shared...and then when its time to go, he can't stop thinking about her, and he goes to a bar, and sits there, letting the hours pass, hoping that she'll be there too.

fantastic | Reviewer: anisa | 6/22/07

i love this song so much.
it's one of my favourite jack's mannequin songs.
it's beautifully written and quite catchy.

what i think | Reviewer: Nicole A. | 6/17/07

like pretty much everyone else here... i think this song is about a perfect summer spent between a guy and a girl... but like all vacations... it has to come to an end and he has to leave.

its come and gone to late... meaning basically that it happened too fast and maybe possibly also meaning that finding someone as great as her came at the wrong time because it was during vacation when you cant keep the people that you meet...

and the plane ride home is the only time he has left to really remember all the time they spent together and still feel like hes on vacation remembering the bliss and everything until he lands back home and has to face reality...

and the songs on the radio ofcourse remind him of her and their time. I feel like he never gave her any of his contact info which he now regrets... so he keeps going to the bar (where they spent alot of time together?) in hopes that she will show up one day and they can be together...

and i think the whole verse about reading her books and stuff is basically pretty obvious... summer vacation is vacation away from school.... and hes telling her to keep studying and whatnot for school... but to not get so distracted with schoo that she forgets to have fun...

worst way to break up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/07

i think this song is about a guy having to break up with his girlfriend that he is falling out of love with, doesnt know why he just is. he didnt want to hurt her and it hurts him a lot too (hes bruised). he reminises about there vacations and fun memories but is leaving. in the end he wants her to have a great life (read books but stay out late) but part of him wants to see her later in life to see if there could ever be anything again.

different take | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/07

i don't really know why i'm submitting my thoughts here but at any rate i seem to be the only who thinks he's glad to leave. well, glad is to light of a word, but he's relieved to be free of all his former obligations to love, to her. he's in flight, unfettered and free. he is terrified because freedom is a terrifying and rutheless thing, it gives us license to make mistakes larger than we can handle and to ruin everything, but that freedom is necissary. so yeah, he hurts now that he's left her and he wonders, was it right? can he go back? of course he wonders. but he can't.

"there's so much sun where i'm from,
i had to give it away, had to give you away."

Bruised | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/3/07

This reminds me of when i went to Texas... I met this guy and we had so much fun and we basically fell completely in love with eachother and then i had to leave to go back to Kentucky.
He said that this song reminds him of me cuz of the plane ride and stuff like that...

:[ it makes me sad!!!

but its an amazing song!! :]

story | Reviewer: amy | 5/24/07

I actually wrote a short story modeled after this song. I took a few of my own liberties to make the lyrics work but basically it's about a couple right out of highschool. Dated for three or four years, and they're both getting ready to leave for college. She's going to the University of Chicago and he's going to Caltech, so when he stops to switch planes, she won't be coming with him.
I'm actually really proud of the way it came out. I somehow managed to capture the characters, and while they are some differences, the song fits it amazingly well.

kewl song, cool band....we're all bruised | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/07

Here's my meaning (my truth)

He breaks with the girl but as he is leaving he realizes that it was a mistake and now he has to deal with it because he does't have a secong chance.

i.e. I lace my chucks ( I got hit hard by the break up)

A paradox... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/16/07

I love this song. This song is so sweet, and about innocent love, and tragedy. Tragedy, as I've learned in literary classes, is something that begins with som much hope and promise..happiness, and ends in misfortune, and suffering.

This song is really interesting because he falls for a girl, and she allows herself to fall for him too. He knew he would have to leave but he let his feelings get away with him and so when it came time to end, he has hurt the both of them. He wants her to continue doing the things she loves to do- he doesn't want her to change, and he wants her to go on and be happy, but he knows she will still be pining over him.

He just leaves her. He has to return because afterall, it was just vacations. He'll still think of her although he knows she can't be a part of his life because of the distance, but she has affected him and he is hurt, but like Romeo and Juliet, it can't work.

:) | Reviewer: emmeline | 5/10/07

im glad this song was made... it reflects a lot about my life... and im crazy about this one person... if only you knew what i would do for you, you would never understand how much i care