love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/07

this song makes me cry .. its amazing .. it reminds me of too much .... i love it ..

lovers from afar<3 | Reviewer: audrianna | 5/6/07

so my boyfriend lives far away, and everytime we visit eachother this song makes since to us. i miss him so much. and i love it.

<3 | Reviewer: bob | 5/5/07

i love this song. it's one of my favorites. what are chucks??

Perfect Fit | Reviewer: Cynthia | 5/1/07

This song is amazing to me, and I hope my boyfriend who absolutely hates music like this will have the opportunity to hear this and think of me...We both our college students, and he happens to be from the sunny state of florida, and I'm from PA, and summer break is comming about in like 2 days and I won't get to see him for 3 months :\ I'm not thrilled about it, but I love him dearly and will miss him greatly...until i get to see him again.

Bruised | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/1/07

I think it's about two people on a vaction together. Who broke up while on the trip. He still cares about her and parts of him want to go back to her, but he knows it's over. -So read your books, but stay out late- I think that was him wanting her to move on with her life and to be happy. -don't think
That you can't stop by the bar- Is about him still wanting her in his life as a friend, because he knows it is over.

LUV IT | Reviewer: Hannah | 4/18/07

Hey from Australia everyone!!! im telling you AUS is the place to WHERE THE BLOODY HELL ARE YA??

nobody here know this song. i found out about it from my cuz who lives in USA. he got me HOOKED and now i can't stop listening to it! i am trying to get my friend to listen to it so i am showing her the lyrics so she understands whats going on.

DUH | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/07

i heard once that this song is about AIDS and he says he's all bruised and the plane ride he's taking is the act of him dying so thats why hes sad about leaving her and also why hes all bruised.

bruised | Reviewer: DJ | 3/21/07

this song is the best a friend told me that this was their fav song and now i love it! this song is about a guy leaving a girl he cares about behind. he doesnt want to go but he has to. the part "So read your books" means that when he is gone he wants her to stay at home he is afarid that if she goes out she will forget about him and move on...correct me if im worng?=/

love this song!

bruised | Reviewer: Ida | 3/11/07

This song is perfect. It describes thing I felt in a same situation.
As I figured it out, its about:
girl and a boy were on vacation, but he has to go home.(ofcourse he does not want to). In an airplane trought the in-flight are playing songs that makes him want to stay. The part about: "So read your books.." is about that he wants that she does anything else but thinking of him(and it is obwiouse that she is constantly thinking of him:"You haven't shown your face here since the bad news..."-bad news is that he is leaving;)because the memory of him is hurting her, and because of it she cant go to theres place-the bar...or even in to public...
sad , but true song ( and story )

Story | Reviewer: Nicole | 3/4/07

I met this guy in florida when i was visiting and fell head over heels for him. I live in michigan, and when i had to leave, this song is perfect in every aspect. I didn't get his number, his email, or anything. I gave him my number and walked away.

Now i'm waiting for his call,
and the hours pass, the hours pass.