Wrong. | Reviewer: Sarah | 2/21/08

Amy, you're wrong. He didn't know he had cancer when he wrote the songs on the album. They're about the end of his relationship with his girlfriend. Don't act like you know everything because you're very wrong. Andrew admits he didn't know he had cancer at the time.

I'm in a long distance relationship too.

wow | Reviewer: KC | 2/18/08

i had no idea he was dealing with cancer :( the whole time i thought the song was just about long distance relationships too because like everyone below me, i am dealing with one as well but i wont try and top you. that makes me really sad now that i know what its about =[ i kind of dont want to listen to it anymore. but i do think it is about him ending the relationship and dealing with his cancer as well.

You're all wrong. | Reviewer: amy | 1/15/08

This is not a love song, it is about leaving his relationship and going back home after he finds out he has cancer. Thats what all of the jacks mannequin songs are, arin delaney was a past relationship and when he left to go home he ended his new relationship.

bruised. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/08

me and my boyfriend havent seen each other for over a year...hes been away at iraq and i dont know when he'll be returning.
i can totally relate to this song, i can hardly listen to it anymore.

bruised. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/08

i like the theory this is about his fight with leukemia, i got the feeling that was what it was about too.
just a few lines in it made me think it could be more that than about a relationship? i don't know, maybe i'm way off, but thats my opinion

just some girl..? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/07

i don't feel like this song is necessarily about some girl that he's in love with.
it seems, to me at least, that this song is more about his fight against leukemia than it is about a lover.
i do agree that there does seem to be a lot of talk about a girl, but i just don't think that it's about a long distance relationship.

my story | Reviewer: marianne | 10/26/07

i related this song to my love story.
ive met my ex-boyfriend when i was in vacation.
My parents own hotels, and i met him at the lobby. He stayed there for 4days. And went back to vietnam where he had med-school.
So we went at a bar and had lots of fun..then we went back at the hotel at 1am and we took our clothes off and jumped in the swimming pool.
we woke up 5hours later ..and he had to go visit some temples so i went with him. I spent the whole day holding his hand. One of my friend asked us if we wanted to see the sunset...so we went. it started to rain , pooring ..actually
And ahe sked me to go to some restaurant with him, then he gave me a flower (We were in a sorta mountain call Phnom Bakheng theres usually no flowers there) after that he kissed me..
We were all wet and he was still holding my hand.
It was great i had the best 4days of my life.
He lives in Toronto and i live in montreal ..so its pretty hard. We stayed together for about a year , then broke up because it was god to hard ...
but i know he still loves me ..
ill wait for him .

Bruised | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/07

Top all of this... My boyfriend and I met on an island (Okinawa Japan). We are in the military and this week (Oct 07) is the first time I have seen him since Jan. We are flying to meet his family in Ohio tomorrow and from there he is going back to Japan and I am coming back here to California... We aren't sure when we will see each other again. Try that one for long distance. =[

a story that tops all | Reviewer: Tim | 10/18/07

I top all of those... i met a girl in Hawaii this summer in late july and we actually spent four days together before i had to go home... i had to say goodbye to her and flew to sacramento and she went home to chicago a week later. She is now one of my closest friends ever and i havent seen her since then... i talk to her every day and when i really think about her and the four days we had together it feels like every inch of me is really bruised... every song i listen to i relate to the two of us, the entire 6hr plane ride home i was awake and felt like i had left my whole world behind me... as it turns out i did

bruised. | Reviewer: david | 10/15/07

at the end of the year me and my girlfriend wont be seeign eachother for a good month.. Its the longest we have been apart and ti will be around our 10th month of being together. the way i interprate this song is that i want to see her and be with her after this month, and for everything to be great. Whenevr i listen to this song i think of her.