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Performed by Irving Berlin

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Always and forever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/14

the other day I had watched on TCM the movie "Pride of the Yankees" Gary Cooper was whistling this tune. For a few days I was humming this tune in my head and couldn't get it out of my head until I looked up the lyrics. It is such a beautiful song. I read the other reviews and now I can't stop crying for sadness and joy. My son passed away at age 15, 16 years ago I would sometimes sing him to sleep. Yes even when is was a teenager. He was so loving a child. He would still hug and kiss me goodnight. I wish this was one of the songs I would sing to him. I know I will sing it now.

Eternal love for my Grandparents. Loch and Billie Trebley ( Australia) | Reviewer: Leanne Streader ( nee Trebley) | 5/25/14

(2014) My grandparents were married for 72 years 7 weeks and 1 day this year. They were together for 77 years. They met each other when they were both 18 years old and loved each other from the first time they met.
I never saw them have a cross word with each other in the 50 years that I knew them, and Nan always said they made a pack when they first met, that they would never go to sleep over a cross word, and they never did. They moved into a Nursing Home from their home only 11 days before my Pop died (95yrs). They had a wonderful life together and have a wonderful loving family. Nan is still going and is 95 also an amazing woman who I love dearly.

Eternal Message | Reviewer: Veronica Alexander | 1/22/14

I arrived early Sunday morning. The chapel was empty except for me. I maintained an attitude of meditation. My mind was clear. I was in harmony with this spiritual place. It was the chapel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints... When I heard in my head someone singing the complete song, "I will be loving you Always.", Considering the time and place, and that I was completely alone. I feel it was an Eternal message juat for me. And I will remember it Always. But I feel, on second thought, the lyrics and sentiment is for us All.

The song of a real man | Reviewer: Papachet | 9/16/13

This is the vow a real man makes to the real woman he loves and the voice he uses to sing it is his very life - every day of it.

I know the difference for I married twice without thought, depth or commitment. Finally, at age 39, I got it, and married with the right heart. The first two wives that I discarded died within a few years of the time I divorced them. I am not so vain as to think they left this plane because they could not live without me, but I am understanding enough to know I was a major contributor to their demise. Not a good realization.

To all the young men - get it right - be a man from day one. To all the older men who are faltering, stand up straight, bear the load and above all - love your wife even as Christ loved the church - btw - Christ DIED for the church. Die to self - live for the Lord, your wife and family. You will not regret it in this life and certainly not in the next.

A song to carry you through the years | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/13

My father just passwed way this week at the agoe of 75. When I was a small child he would sing this song to me and we would look up at the stars. While he was in the hospital I held his hand and sand this song back to him.

always | Reviewer: joyce | 12/31/12

its new years day 2013 and my boyfriend just sang me the song over the telephone which he learned a few hours ago from his father... I just cant help crying... It has always been our goal to be together and grow old together... This song says everything we feel for each other... I love my boyfriend so dearly and from now on this will be our song... Thank you for loving me...

Full of love | Reviewer: Granddaughter | 8/15/12

My grandparents had this song played at their wedding! For their 40th wedding anniversary I learned this song and sang it to them at the reception we had for them....years later, they have both passed away, my grandmother 16 years ago and my grandfather two years ago. I so wish they could have seen me become a mother, and part of the bedtime routine I have so far with my two month old son is me singing to him, and always this song is sung to him.

warm happy heartfelt memories | Reviewer: Dawn Osborne | 3/19/12

this song is played on our wedding video, we married in the sun, and it truly felt like a dream come true , and now when I hear this ill think of dear wendy and her beloved nanaxxxxxxxDawn

MY TWO GOLDEN RETRIEVERS - BONNIE AND DANNY BOY | Reviewer: Dorothy Spridgeon | 1/7/12

When my two darling Golden Retrievers passed away five months apart in 2005 I wish I had of thought of this beautiful song then when I published their obituary in the local newspaper. But because I didn't think of it, I would like to say here and now........I will love you (both)ALWAYS. I love and miss the two of you so much I think of you every single day since you went away (to Heaven).

I'll Be Loving You Always. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/11

I have been a widow for nearly three years. God has brought a gentle man into my life; we plan to marry soon. During these days of planning the cermony and reception, I've found myself humming or singing quietly the words to Alway. The ageless words are timeless as this 75 year old steps into another phase of life.

Bitter sweet | Reviewer: anonymous | 7/24/11

My handsome, charming, husband and I sang this song to one another at our wedding. My heart was full of love and dreams. He turned out to be a very violent man who continually abused me and the children. I held on for 43 yrs. when the last assault and battery landed me in the hospital from a heart attack. My youth was gone, my health was gone, but worst of all, my dreams were gone and my heart was spent and empty. My dream of growing old in a secure relationship with the man I had loved was gone and my life was wasted. The words of the second verse haunt and mock me, "Dreams will all come true, growing old with you". I truly wished and prayed it would be that way, but it wasn't. God has healed my body and the pain and it doesn't hurt so bad anymore, but I grieve at times over what could have and should have been. What a waste!

Keeping a Vow | Reviewer: Honey Shepherd | 7/10/11

Although it was unheard of to not use the wedding march at that time, I walked down the isle to this song at our wedding in 1953. I knew that my love would never die for my soon to be husband. There have been many trials and tribulations, but our love has always prevailed. Alzheimers is taking it's toil on my husband at this time, but "I'll be loving him always" to the end. As promised, we are growing old together.

Heartfelt Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/11

The chorus at my school is singing this song, well, part of it, and it made me want to look it up. Reading these lyrics and thinking of the 6th grade chorus is all I need to know I want this to be my wedding song. It offends me that people don't know this. I wasn't even born then and now I know it! Beautiful; this is the sort of song beauty that never fades. It may weaken every now and then, but it will never die. I will "Always" love this song.


BEAUTFUL | Reviewer: John Holmes | 2/12/11

This song was beautifully used and sung by Mandy Patinkin to his daughter (on the show 'Dead Like Me' Season 2 Episode 14 aptly titled 'Always'.)

I am 29, and I can appreciate things from the past viewed by others as "old" or "trivial". I think I would much rather have lived back then than now where we are all so "trendy" we don't learn to just stop and live in the moment without worrying who and how many people know just exactly what we are doing.

I'll be loving you always | Reviewer: luzviminda lopez | 11/28/10

My loving mother is currently terminally ill w/ cervical cancer. She has been admitted almost 3weeks in the palliative care unit. My dad is searching for this song because it's the one song she always sings to my dad to remind him of her love for him also. It's truely amazing and a blessing for this song to be produced to claim someones love for their soulmate. Thank God for talented songwriters...

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