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Performed by Iron & Wine

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BEST SONG EVER! | Reviewer: harold fuc-kmeass | 12/4/07

actualt the postal service version isn;t near as romantic as this one and the guy with teh gay comment is an idiot. I care who wrote it because when you actually get a story and a person behind it youleanr more into what is really going on and why this person would write it. It's like a poem I love and when the author came to town it shed something new into it and made me more appreciative of the art.

HAHAHA | Reviewer: Mandyyy | 11/23/07

to be honest.. who actually cares who wrote it etc.

it's an amazing song either way.
although, just to be included.. my votes that Iron&Wine wrote it :)

let's sing ;] x

gosh! | Reviewer: duzzispud | 9/21/07

It's an awsome song, i think the postal service version is a shocking cover! let me make that clear to all you stupid people out there, yes it is a COVER. Iron & Wine originally did this song, get your priorities right GOSH!

geezes | Reviewer: jojo | 8/29/07

lay off, "rmb".
the song's badass, whoever sings it and wrote it.
The postal service is great, you dont know shit.
Stop being pessimistic.

awseome lyrics | Reviewer: utah | 8/12/07

its an awesome song both ways,it sucks you don't here it on the radio anymore.

Wow... | Reviewer: RMB | 7/30/07

Three people on here should do their homework on music if they think that this song was written by the postal service. It was not. It also doesn't help that the postal service (a) can't write a song to save their lives (b) did a horrible job of covering it and (c) are not even worth of capital letters in their name.


OK, You guys are obviously fans of I&W, but I am surprised no one knows the meaning behind this song. When it was written, Sam had been fighting with his father, who thinks he is gay, and also with his mother, who thinks his father is gay and takes it out on their son. His father actually is very gay, and married his mom as a cover so he could be in both worlds and not arouse suspicion. The song came from a recorded phone call from his father to one of Sam's friends, and the only thing Sam changed was the line "...come down now, they'll saaaay-e-yay-ay", which originally said, "...go down now, cause we're gaaaay-e-yay-ay", which embarrassed Sam and his friend, who is thirty five years younger than his father and is just bi-curious so far. His mother had originally named the song "Now I've Got Proof, You Secret Faggot, So Say Goodbye To This House And Everything In It Cause My Lawyer's Going To Rip You A New One, Which You Probably Need After 35 Years Of Sodomy And Lies." Hope I've helped some, Sam Beam and I go way back, and he is definitely gay.

i'm not quite sure why .. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/07

But this song really makes me smile. It's such a good remake of Such Great heights by the postal servcie.

I also love how TPS did a song called Iron and Wine. :)

actually | Reviewer: emily | 5/13/07

i just saw Ben Gibbard in concert and he specifically says that the song was written by Sam Beam.
you can hear him say this at:

at about 49:15 in the song
enjoy :)

ignorance is bliss | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/06

The Shins redid the postal service's "we will become silhuettes", and Sam Beam (iron & wine) covered "Such Great Heights". Both versions are quite good sam's haunting vocals brings a new perspective to the well written song. Anyway DCFC's Ben Gibbard and DNTEL's Jimmy Tamborello wrote the song exchanging letters in the mail.

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