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Performed by Iron & Wine

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RE: Miyoung | Reviewer: Kenitha | 4/2/09

I've heard this song on wilight movie :$ but indifferent to that, I love when they start singing "Now I'm a fat house cat" and Miyoung explanation make so much sense, thank you.
Anyway I really like songs when lyric is not explicit and has beautiful melody, like this song. Love twilight series too xD

Not for Twilight | Reviewer: Miyoung | 3/14/09

Sadly for you twilight fans, this song was written way before twilight ever came out. So, this song was NOT written for twilight and has nothing to do with your beloved bella and edwards.

Iron and Wine wrote this song when Bush was re-elected. In a nut shell, its a broken hearted love song to america. About losing innocence (I cut my long baby hair) and searching for the american dream, but realizing it doesn't exist. (Flightless bird). Then he presents a fat house cat that nurses his sore blunt tongue which has been cut by society.

Hum... wrong lyrics... | Reviewer: lk | 3/14/09

It's probably "big billed loon," which is a North American diver bird. It goes through a flightless phase some time in mid-winter... "going down" probably because some populations have disappeared. The narrator seems to describe how, as a child, he used to dive in the water next to this bird, which eventually disappeared, so he went to look for it. The rest of the lyrics, I'm not too sure about...

Interpret what you will | Reviewer: Chelle | 2/25/09

WOW, really powerful lyrics. Whomever wrote the lyrics was writing them for Edward and Bella, but didn't know it. We all can relate to it in one way or another. (whether we admit it or not)
It means different things to different people. Think about it...

Hidden meanin | Reviewer: Jill | 2/19/09

Incredible song. I'm absolutely no music critic and neither am I a religious zealot but I was just wondering whether anyone had considered a biblical undertone in the second verse. Jesus Christ was known as a fisher of men - is there something in Sam Beam's background which points to this as a possible interpretation of the lyrics?

Reply to; Mom fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/10/09

I didn't understand all of this song...But then I came here and saw where Mom Fan wrote what she got out of it and that so explained the song so much more to me! And I would have to agree with you on the interpretation of the song because I have read all 4 books and this song fits well with the first book plus with the others in a way. I can't wait for the movies and the music! I love this song!

Re: Mom Fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/09

wow, you are good! :) I think you hit the nail on the head. Though in verse two, "'clean' Blood of Christ mountain stream", I'd like to think Edward is seeking redemption for his sins, seeing as how he sees/refers to himself as a "monster" and how he's killed before...? maybe?

It makes me sad! | Reviewer: Igor | 2/3/09

It is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard in my entire life. Though it seems the lyrics are strange or weird, I think it is quite the opposite. There is a big metaphor in every verse. I am not able to figure it out entirely, but I certainly agree with reviewer Mom Fan and her explanation. There is also one more thing I can not explain. Every time I hear this song it makes me so sad, makes me wanna cry. It is too bad because I also enjoy listening to it. Yes, I did not know about the song until I have seen the Twilight. Maybe that is the problem with me being sad every time I hear it. I have only read the first book, so I do not know whether there is a happy end or not, although I hope there is, but it probably makes me sad because even though Bella and Edward seemed very happy while dancing, there are so many troubles ahead. I hope there is a happy end, so this song would finally stop making me sad.

would like to swap lyric interpretations | Reviewer: Mom Fan | 1/23/09

This is what the song means to me as well as how I think it ties to the Twilight film.
Verse 1: In his youth, the narrator was daring & impetuous, a risk-taker who felt scrutinized by conventional society. When "the cops closed the fair, I cut my long baby hair" means he finally had to confront responsibility & maturity. He responded by leaving home (or his past) with his "map," intent on seeking his soul mate or at least his destiny. This verse summarizes his journey from childhood to adulthood. (Our unconventional Edward is obviously seeking the soulmate he has never been able to find.)
Chorus: He thinks he may have found his mate, but she is a "flightless bird," trapped by the conventions of the American status quo--which encourages you to swallow the "big pill"--the big pill being whatever you tell yourself day to day that keeps you stagnant or keeps you stuck in the mechanism of a conventional, materialistic society. The fact that the bird is "jealous, weeping" means she doesn't want to sell out to that life, but she doesn't know how to flee. (Bella, to remain human or not to remain human? She's definitely trapped because she chooses immortality but can't get it on her own.)
Verse 2: (much trickier--would love some ideas on this one) The narrator finally settles down at some point ("fat house cat") but he hasn't sold out to the norm. He still courts danger ("poison rats")& is rebellious--"pissing on magazine photos" which represent our shallow human interests. Tossing the "fishing lures" (presumably the reason for his "sore blunt tongue") in the "Blood of Christ mountain stream" is either another form of rebellion (against religion) or a way to seek redemption for his sins. (I haven't worked this one out as well, but I like that scenario better as related to Twilight since Edward is seeking ultimate redemption from his soulless plight by loving a mortal and becoming her protector.)
Final Chorus: She's more damaged now, more entrapped. Can he still save her? (As far as Twilight, this is a perfect tie-in to book two.)
Anyway, on a side note, the melody and vocal harmonizing throughout the song reminds me of a 50's ballad somewhat, which is perfect for Twilight because Edward is ageless and from a more formal era of courtship.

this song is great | Reviewer: Lottie | 1/12/09

i love this song, i heard it for the first time in twilight, i bought the soundtrack, mainly for other songs but when i listned to this one it quickly became one of my favourites i think it sums the relationship, between edward and bella, up perfectly, i love the lyrics, to me they seem really about love and findng the perfect person etc... but all in all i think its great

awsome | Reviewer: aly | 1/11/09

ok yes i must admit i only like this song becuase i heard it off twilight. well i'm not saying BECASUE its ON twilight i like it. im saying thats where i heard it.

and i think thats one main reason i like it. i'm disappointed in myself for that but i don't mind, i have my other favourite FAVOURITE songs i fall in love with and really connect with.
but yeah this song is really good. i don't quite understand the meaning though.. the lyrics are hard to get.

but its a nice song, nice sound and the words are very clever and .. yeah they just suit the song very well.
i don't even know this band but well done guys (Y)!

i know what its about | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/09

if you just google the meaning it comes up and would become obvious to you
its about himself and how when he was younger he was abit of a player untill he found this girl that he fell in love with ut he lost her and then he started searching for her (have i found you? flightless bird...) but when he did he relized that she had changed ( or lost you? american mouth)

anyway thats what ablot of people including mii self has interpertated the song as...
but i think the best thing about this song is that you can come up with your own meanings
and it could all mean something different to all of us...

either way its an absolutly beautiful song that will be stuck in everyone who listens to it for ages


what to think? | Reviewer: abbie09 | 12/30/08

well, the song is absolutely beautiful however you interpret it to be - or yet just beautiful to play in the background ...
blogs and comments ive read tell how people dont get the lyrics and dont understand the concept of the song itself - i do think i fall under the same category i have read other people's interpretations and few are really creative... ive listened to the song repetitively and i believe it has meaning and purpose it does have that appeal of "growth" or "progression" it is quite evident and it should be something nearly everyone can relate to as we all do grow and change and feel and believe in certain things within one's life. its absolutely peaceful and intruiging to those who are willing to succumb to the melody and words in every metaphorical sense it makes. it was a good song to use in twilight as well really sums up the journey or edward and bella to date...

surely i loved ;D | Reviewer: intanium++ | 12/29/08

it isn't wasted my time, when i am listening the song and looking at the lyric. it was awesome one i have heard. actually, i got this taste from a one part of Twilight movie. sure, the lyric have been stucked on my heart and of course stab me too. sure, it was perfect ;D

Beautiful | Reviewer: molly | 12/29/08

Songs are usually supposed to be deep and have a deeper meaning that what you first read. Of course its not going to make too much sense the first time you read it but its a song that makes you smile and it makes you feel good. Take what you feel and put it into the lyrics and then find the meaning. Its a beautiful song!

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