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the best of iron maiden. | Reviewer: yan | 6/6/07

IRON MAIDEN IS THE BEST . and i know sommething wend they comme in canda(quebec) they past in my street. IM juste 13 years old and they are great

like KISS hello.

KinGs Of MetaL | Reviewer: Drin | 5/16/07

yeah....They r the kings of metal.Especially the album Fear OF the Dark is amazing.

maien rocks | Reviewer: dalina | 4/30/07

i love maiden because...all their albums are can say about an album that it's not brilliant cuz they all are...

They are really the best | Reviewer: IronMaiden4ever | 3/27/07

I think they are the best cuz they have this variety in their songs that makes that none of them is alike another. Their 3 guitarits are awesome and Dave Murray is also amazing when he plays lead ( 3/4 of the time he does play it). And finally, Dickinson has this strong voice that you could perfectly listen to 3 hours in a row without asking him to shut up. And they also have live CDs that are very good (like Rock in Rio).

maiden is awesome | Reviewer: daniel | 2/15/07

sharon ousbourne is a bitch... bruce dickonson is the best vocalist iron maiden has had

maidren are da bestest band ion da whole fricken world | Reviewer: matt | 7/4/06

i think maiden are the best coz for young enfulized band they are easy to cover.
they are the greatest thing to come from ma country great britain.
other than orhter bands maidens songs are based on true happenings

MAIDEN-BRILLIANT OR WHAT??! | Reviewer: Blaze Bayley | 5/18/05

Iron Maiden are, in my opinion, the best metal band of the eighties up till now and i believe that they will continue in their ways to be the best metal band ever.

They are amazing in the way that they guitar duel and also the fact that their recent albums have had three guitarists allows them to make three different melodies at once.

They truly are the best band ever. They always get a fiv eout of five from me.


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