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the best ! | Reviewer: ijul | 8/28/08

i think iron maiden the best heavy metal band in the world i ever seen, coz they know how to sing heavy metal song .
for example run to the hills ,
nice song and so cool ,
iron maiden is the best !

UP THE IRONS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/16/08

Iron Maiden are simply the best metal band. Forget Metallica, they are exactly what Kerry King called them- A sinking Ship. Iron Maiden have produced hit album after hit album, in a very similar style to the beatles. Also, they are perhaps the best composers of all time. And for all those who think Maiden are ageing- "A Matter Of Life And Death" was one of the finest Metal performances the World has seen

Hell yeah! | Reviewer: templar | 6/27/08

IRON MAIDEN is the best. Although Sepultura with their Arise album hooked me on metal, the harmonics of Iron Maiden won me over. I've been their (biggest) fan ever since. Bruce Dickinson has the best male vocal in the f***** world... Been on two concerts in Slovenia (where i come from) and one in Croatia. My gf litterally passed out when they started to play The number of the beast.

They trully are the greatest.
Up the Irons! May they music live forever.

one of the greatest bands of all time | Reviewer: Zach Malpensado of | 5/15/08

One of the greatest metal bands of all time. You haven't heard metal until you've heard "The Apparition", "The Evil That Men Do", "Can I Play With Madness" or "2 Minutes to Midnight". All of their songs rock, and they're one of my favorite bands off all time. I recommend going to your local record store and buying a copy of "Number of the Beast", "Powerslave", "Fear of the Dark" or "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son". They're all awesome.

-Zach Malpensado of and, the teenager's company.

Iron Maiden- The masters of metal | Reviewer: bryan | 1/10/08

ive been listenin' to these guys for years now and all ive got to say is these guys are simply the masters of metal and they created the worlds best band. hats off to maiden .

Maiden | Reviewer: noel masih | 1/1/08

Iron maiden catch the attention of every age group because of their powerful music and gestures on stage. One thing I liked about iron maiden is that they are not static on stage; they're always moving and this appeals to the audience even more. I enjoyed their great performance at Bangalore at Palace Grounds in March' 2007

Iron Maiden Fucking Rocks! | Reviewer: Jade | 12/22/07

I've been Listening to iron maiden since i was 10? I think, So about 3 years now! My dad thinks they're shit =| I love them they fucking rock! =] and no ones gonna tell me other! =]

Pure Greatness | Reviewer: maiden fan | 12/14/07

Iron Maiden are the best band i have ever known in my whole life. They have become legendary and I love every single one of their songs. I think I would suffer a heart attack if I could meet them :S

Possibly the best metal band out there..... | Reviewer: Chris | 11/27/07

I've been listening to Iron Maiden for over eight years now (since I was 11 years old) and I plan on getting a tattoo of the first album I listened to that got me hooked, Powerslave (as a half sleeve). To me Bruce Dickinson is the greatest vocalist of all time, hands down.

Iron Maiden was a milestone for heavy metal... hands down. | Reviewer: Thalii | 11/5/07

I just got an Eddie tattoo that takes up half my fore arm off the, it's the Live after Death cover design and my bf got the exact same one. We love 80's metal and its what we had in common. We're planning to go to LA to see the Somewhere in Time World tour. We're guna take a road trip from texas to cali.... I'm officially guna die a happy girl haha

Heavy Metal is IRON MAIDEN | Reviewer: Johno | 9/28/07

Come from a very broadbackground of music, father played in many bands, i have done the same, personally im a blues man myself but iron maiden is sheer brilliance, the song structure is genius, heavy but humble, no other heavy metal band even comes close

early maiden | Reviewer: jon lowe | 9/28/07

The early albums were the best,I wish another albumn with paul dianno could be made,back in the 80s my croud agreed he was the better vocalist.

iron maiden f***ing rules | Reviewer: JEZSE | 9/19/07

iiron maiden is the best band ever i am 14 live in australia been listening to them for about 5 years now and loveing evry album that they have produced and i am looking forward to seeing them live in melbourne 2008 wooooooooooo hoooooooooo


Excellence | Reviewer: M. Dickens | 9/1/07

I am true metal fan, but above that I am a scholar of music form. My appreciation for IM began in the eighties when I was studying numeric chains present in modern music as a comparative to traditional, classical music composition. I don't know if it is diligent musical construction or simple artistic genius, but the pieces on the albums released from POM to SSOSS are extraordinary in their symmetry and structural balance. Those fans who have the Somewhere in time CD should try listening to that CD without being in headbanger mode. It's really not a headbanger album, it is a series of artistic masterpieces. There is so much content there that it has taken many music scholars to unwind the complex features found within those compositions. SWIT is not the only album with these characteristic, but it is a good start. The one that precedes and the one that follows have the same quality. Enjoy a different kind of listen, and you will see.

Iron Maiden - Heavy Metal GODS!!! | Reviewer: Oggy | 8/7/07

I'm their fan for about 4 years now, i'm fourteen and i'm from Serbia. I always loved and i always will love their music, because of the melodic and heavy guitar riffs,great guitar solos, and Bruce's voice is f***** amazing! All their albums are great, especially the new one ( A Matter Of Life And Death ).

They really care about their fans. They never played comercial music, and they never will.

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