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Performed by Iron Maiden

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What a great song! | Reviewer: Lee | 9/12/13

When I was in a college, I was in a band and I played electric guitar. We performed a lot of legendary metal songs and this 'Rainmaker' was one of our favorites. Several years passed, but I still remember this song and whenever I hear this song, I feel much better.

Unite | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/11

Yeah, guys! Metal does unites us. We come from different countries, we speak different languages, but we've got one melody in our hearts, soulmates! I am grateful to people like Iron Maiden, who make my life complete in music sense, and who open we a Brave New World of millions of a kind \m/
We rock!

Alright fellow metalheads | Reviewer: The Hoard | 12/6/10

We'll all come to find that metal will never die. I know of no more fiercely loyal fans and people than metal fans. And that's the thing we actually like our music for the music, not because it's popular. The day I do something JUST because it's popular is the day I hang my hat up and quit having fun.

You'll notice that even the old metal is still popular, still around, still kickin ass, and still SELLING. rap albums are out for a month then forgotten 90% of the time. Metal is simply superior, hell it stood the test of time to prove it.

Rock out. Headbang hard. Have fun like nobody's watching.

Emo and Iron Maiden | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/10

Rainmaker is a brilliant song by a brilliant band and the emo girl everyone complains about is stupid, but please don't take it out on all emos! I love metal, rock, and punk but my personality is also kind of emo. So please, don't base your opinions off of idiots. If every person on Earth did that then we'd all be classified as drug dealing idiots who will get no where in life, which is the exact opposite of every metal lover I know and probably most fellow Iron Maiden lovers. And by the way, cutting is more of a stereo-type than fact. I'd accept being called emo but would hate anyone who called me a cutter.

Long live METAL | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/10

Metal is God. n Iron Maiden is d gr8tst relgion on earth. Long live metal.
Sometyms i thank god that m in d era of the Iron Maiden.
Rainmaker is another masterpiece of d Maidens. Xclent bass riff, gr8 solo n vocals, papa rythm, and ofcourse lyk every harris creation d lyric is godly.
Don't worry emo girl. Metal's very safe.
In this song i luv backup solo the most. N the starting intro is awesome.
Njoy metal frnds.....

Please dont stop the metal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/10

Fellow metal heads,

dude maiden is by far my favorite band. and thats coming from a 14 year old GIRL! im going to their concert in chicago this summer. Tenacious D wrote a song called "the metal" saying nothing can defeat it. well i dont find that song even to be true metal. makes me mad. iron maiden, zeppelin, metallica, judas priest. this is the greatest stuff ever and will live on!
\m/ (*_*) \m/

EMO IS THE THING?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/7/10

hey, man, oh, I mean... "MAIDEN", when an EMO band defeat Iron Maiden, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, or anyother Metal Band, come to talk with us!
How can you compare a movement that appears something between 15 years ago with a band that, alone, have 35 YEARS OF CARRER??
if you find a Bassist like Harris, that is the world's best bassist, the beginner, and the best lyrics writer, be sure that it'll not be in an EMO band!

so, please... NUM FODE MALUKOOOO!

Ha ha... | Reviewer: Alex | 12/7/09

It's funny...Everything has tried to kill metal, everything has claimed to kill metal, but Metal lives on, I fail to see where Metal is dying, And as for the girl who was saying all that....I quite honestly think she was joking, she was the ninja who plants an insult and watches the others babble over it as if it was serious. Anyway, as for the song, it's my favorite Iron Maiden song, Dance of Death was a bit of a disappointment but what band doesn't have one of those slumps. Great song, great band, and long live the Metal!

Great stuff | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/27/09

The first time I listened to this album I was driving and after the first song, this one comes on, and I go "wait a minute... WOW" and played it like 3 times. I love the lyrics and overall mood they set. Although I wish there were more of them, it kinda repeats. Hell for that mater, I would love it if this song was like 7 minutes like Blood Brothers and The Nomad (2 of my other favorites). All in all one of my top favorite Maiden songs.

As for the "emo" girl, she, if she is a she, is straight up trolling (look it up). So ignore it and worry more about the song, you're only feeding the troll and it's ambitions.

Don't hate on the Emo bands to much either, cause a lot of the Screamo bands draw their roots from Metal, and often support the bands. For example in a picture of one of the bands (which I can't remember) one of the members was wearing a "Number of the beast" Album shirt.

and let me reiterate, GOOD FUCKING SONG

Maiden | Reviewer: Pancake | 9/13/09

I have been a metal fan for as long as i can imagine, but i gotta say, i never really got into iron maiden, i was also into the more melodic death metal, like in flames, amon amarth, soilwork, kalmah etc, then a few days ago i started listening to some iron maiden and just fell in love, i love the rainmaker and can't stop listening to it.

10 | Reviewer: MetalAge | 9/9/09

This song is just another of Iron Maiden's masterpieces,i just can't stop listening it...Metal music is getting more and more with new genarations,all smart ppl listen to metal,the real METAL AGE IS COMING,u think Iron Maiden is dying?Well on their concert they got more ppl then ur FUCKING RETARDED BAND will ever have,EMO is SHIT and u can suck our balls,IRON MAIDEN ROCKS,METAL FTW!!!
P.S Nice comments down there,you showed the bich where she belongs and what's the real truth :),METAL WILL LIVE FOREVER!!!

Chillax People! | Reviewer: Mr. | 9/6/09

Just sit back and listen to the goddamn music will you! I completely agree with the guy below. Stop beating the crap out of each other over emoism. Personally i don't give a shit about it i just commenting cus A i tired of this and B i just bored.

>:( | Reviewer: urdoom | 6/26/09

You're all sad piss taker's with nothing better to do than pick on a minority group, GROW UP!!! blame it on the jews or something you dumbasses, we all like metal, just different types so go get a life, and cut off your fingers so i don't have to read your bullshit. Great song though:)

haha :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/09

this song is amazing
i highly doubt that iron maiden will die out before all those emo bands. these guys are 1 in a million. those emo bands are just 1 of a million.

and that girl sounds like shes fucking 12 years old.
her post made me laugh.

lol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/09

Haha, am I the only one that finds it kind of sad that "metal" fans are getting so annoyed over that "emo" girls post? firstly, if you couldn't tell that it is most likely a joke or a little kid, then you're a bloody moron

also, it is kind of hypocritical to make fun of emo the way people do. just because some people in it are depressed little rich kids, it is also a genre that has a lot of good bands in it, just like metal. That being said, IRON MAIDEN FTW! :D love this song

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