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Performed by Iron Maiden

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Review | Reviewer: Insignia Reviews | 9/19/13

Prowler was the first song from the band's debut album. It was never released as a single but it is believed to be one of the first songs ever to be written by Steve Harris. This song is played at almost every one of the band's live tours. The immortal gambit may sound a little worn out after so many years, but it still epitomises the raw and aggressive sound of the then-really 'new' New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) as much or better than any other classic songs of it's era.

We believe it was written around a bass riff, which is typical for Steve Harris. But we like it a lot, it's very fast, very upbeat, very melodic, very heavy, probably the heaviest shit going on at the time. We definitely recommend this song to any metal fan.

Nathan - Starts to get a little bit boring after a while 6/10
Bunsle - What Naify said, but we still like it 7.5/10

Lonewolf | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/7/07

This one is one of their best songs.Di'Ano fuckin' rocks."Got me feeling..."

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