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Performed by Iron Maiden

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live over studio versions of journeyman | Reviewer: bill | 7/19/07

i have listerned to both versions and i think the death on the road tour live version at dortmort must be the best version. This has to be pinnicle of of maidens writing and dickenson was destined to sing it and they music interpratation is so fitting just makes the hairs stand straight

PERFECT | Reviewer: Alex | 6/10/07

i'd have to say, this is the perfect song....
the king of all songs!

Wow | Reviewer: Ibanez | 5/27/07

Just a masterpiece of acoustic side of Iron Maiden.
Nothing else i can add, just brilliant

right to the heart of the matter | Reviewer: Randy Bens | 5/18/07

bruce dickinson has the power to deliver the truth in those lyrics.

My opinion: wow

my favourite | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/10/07

this is pretty much my favourite song of iron maiden just because of the truth that lies in the song and the guitarist have done nothin less than an excellent job...and bruce is jus so excellent in this song...and honestly agreein with the prevous review there couldnt have been a journeyman if anyone else had sung had to come from maiden...just an amazing song

What I think of the song | Reviewer: Rem | 2/26/07

This song sounds and feels like it has almost nothing but truth in it. it is really well played, really well sung, and well really well done in general. i honestly dont have anythign else to say about this song other than kudos to Iron Maiden for singing it, because if it was any other band i don't think it would sound the same as it does when they sing it.

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