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Performed by Iron Maiden

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Up the Irons!!!!! | Reviewer: Maidengal77 | 1/3/13

This is one of my favorites!! I am just 13 but Maiden will live forever!! This is much better than the crap people listen to today. Alot of my friends are like, ″OMG have you heard the new song by Justin Beiber?″ Am I'm just like, "No, i listen to real music..." and they just laugh at me. Haha what ever. UP THE IRONS!!!!

Need to know | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/11

Well this performance is how we must see Maiden.

You always get two shots whit them. First the rythme... music goes high and down and always keeps strong and melodic.
Then the lyrics. Whatever song, they've always a message encapsulated in powerful hitting speech.

That's why maiden is one of my favourites from decades now, and why this song one of the best!

Hallowed by thy Review | Reviewer: Nick | 10/13/11

Amazing song, maybe my favorite by iron maiden. Some of the deepest lyrics and greatest vocal performances I've ever heard. I'd give it a 9.5 out of 10. Yes, very great indeed. I would like to see Megadeth do an iron maiden cover someday. Now that would be pretty awesome.

Fun Fact | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/10

Has anyone ever noticed that if you listen to Infinite Dreams followed by Hallowed Be Thy Name right after, Hallowed Be Thy Name lyricly sounds like the sequel of Infinite Dreams. Infinite Dreams ends with: "Reincarnate, play the game again, again and again and again and again." and in Hallowed Be Thy Name, it is stated: "Don't I believe that there never is an end?" and ends with: "Maybe you'll begin to understand life down here is just a strange illusion."

It's seems to me like both songs share the same character and the closing phrase of Hallowed Be Thy Name answers what Infinite Dreams was questioning.

I could be wrong, but that was the way I interpretaded theses songs.

That voice! | Reviewer: Kotuku33 | 6/24/10

One cannot listen to this song and not be a convert to Bruce Dickinson's brilliance. That very long held vibrato note at the beginning ...running lowwwwwwwwwwww... just takes the breath away. This has long been one of my favourite Maiden songs ever. Can't wait for the next album to be released, and for the concert I'm attending in a few days!

Heart locking | Reviewer: Sagar Ghimire | 4/8/10

It was the first time I heard the cover sung by COF and then i knew the real meaning of the dead metal. I seriously hear the lyrics of this song and find myself trapped in CLOSET with no way out. Seriously it is mind blowing...

MAIDEN ROCKS!!! | Reviewer: Indrajit Dey | 3/27/10

To be honest, the first time I saw heard "Hallowed Be Thy Name" it was the cover song by Cradle Of Filth. Many will agree with me that for a metal song enthusiast Cradle Of Filth is right up there with some others. I didn't know that Iron Maiden had actually sung the original song. But guys, the 1st time I heard their version, I must say "THERE WAS, THERE IS AND THERE WILL ALWAYS BE ONLY ONE AND ONE IRON MAIDEN..." Bruce Dickinson seems to be from another planet!!! I've heard this song God knows how many times and I don't think I'd ever be tired!!! GOOOOOOOO MAIDEN... YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

Hallowed Be Thy Name | Reviewer: Tommy D | 2/1/10

This was the first Iron Maiden song I ever heard, way back in '83, and it remains my favorite song of all time to this day. Iron Maiden has been my favorite band since '83 as well. It is hard to listen to anything else when no other band comes close to matching the prowess, longevity and emotion that is Iron Maiden...UP THE IRONS!!!

Greatest!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/10

Big Iron Maiden fan, been listening to them for almost 5 years and have heard all their songs. I love all their songs... and must say this is their best. This is without a doubt one of the greatest Heavy Metal song ever.

real metal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/10

if i could choose one song that defines the wide and differing genre of metal, this'd be it. if metal were an army, fighting to survive (gods, that sounds cheesey), this song would be the general, the lone horseman on the hill behind his troops.

Great (in an Emporer sort of way) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/10

Iron Maiden is undoubtedly (by my reckoning) the greatest band in history, and this is their greatest work. It's a great song, powerful lyrics, powerful guitar. Though my tastes have changed with Maiden's style, this is the one song I'll never get tired of.

A metal masterpiece | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/09

I have a hard\classic rock and metal cover band called war pigs, and this song is the free bird of metal. You either open up a gig strong with it, or you end the gig with it. Even though im no bruce dickinson, and my vocal prowess inst that good, tuned down one step = the greatest metal song you can ever cover.

Art! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/09

Iron Maiden is art and whenever someone covers there songs maiden is alive in their souls so any cover is awesome! dimmu borgir cradle of filth motor head machine head children of bodom they're all good (unless jonas brothers or some other fags cover it)

Musical Perfection? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/08

THIS is the epitomy of what makes a great timeless metal song. Since you're here reading this i can assume you have heard it, but i urge you to get everybody you know that loves metal and make them listen too, its THAT good. From the spine-numbing melodies and tight riffs and structures, to the wailing solo and huge vocals, Iron Maiden again managed to pen one of the greatest songs of all time.

Now it's already been said that there are cover versions out there so to help out:

Cradle of Filth - seriously below par cover, from strange tempo change in the intro, the muddy guitars and Dani Filth's uninspired vocals

Iced Earth - Not bad but not great, feels lacklustre at times, especially the vocals but still worth a listen, also some impressive guitar work.

Machine Head - Nothing is lost from the music whatsoever, with both Robb Flynn and Phil Demmell putting in amazing performances on guitar duties, and Dave Mclain's exceptional tight drumming, only Robb Flynn's more gravelly voice, very rarely, seems out of place while still managing to showcase his own impressive and often questioned singing talent. All in all Machine Head succeed in putting a piece of themselves in the song without losing any of the original magic, which is fitting tribute to the legend that is Iron Maiden and exactly how a cover should be done

Cover by Machine Head | Reviewer: Overlord | 9/16/08

Just wanted to tell that this great song has recently been covered by Machine Head, the best band in the world.
They did that for a tribute CD by Kerrang! magazine on which the whole Number of the Beast album is covered by different bands, even Metallica.

Here is a video from Rock in Rio 2008, the first time Machine Head played the song live:

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