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Performed by Iron Maiden

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PLease refer to wikki | Reviewer: Iron Chuck | 1/26/08

You guys should refer to wikkipedia about Dance of death. This Idea was brough fom the 13th century. Its about The common destiny we all share despite our social "grade" Kings, popes, priests, peasants dance the macabre dance of death. I a way, no matter how great you think you are or how inferior you think you are, there is something superior to us and unite us in a divine way. Death, or more precisely, eternal life. In this song we get the point of view of an ordinary man who fears death & he is sure that the lifless figures "ascended from hell" or in other words, that death is a diabolic thing.
There is a message in that song that suggest :death should not be feared It is reinforced with this sentence "but some how the blaze of the fire did no hurt upon me,as I walked onto the coals." Intresting thing, the caracter experience a seperation of the spirit from his body "As I danced with the dead my free spirit was laughing and howling down at me.Below my undead body,just danced the circle of death." your body may look dead but you soul is eternal an can still experience this case laughter (note; same thing happens when we sleep. the body lies in bed resting but emotions goes on, fear, joy...etc . It reminds me of another great song -Heaven can wait (somwhere in time album).

Bruce sings on the hole album | Reviewer: Beorn | 1/23/08

Some of you said that Bruce don't appear on the Dance of Death - album.. This is wrong! He's been the vocalist since his debut in 82 with The Number of the Beast..

Anyhow, I think these lyrics hide a agenda, but we're not seeing it clear.. The lyrics tells about a man who is more or less seduced by the dead (the devil - who is often synonymous to sin). Maybe Steve Harris is telling a story where a man get's to choose between godd and bad? I have many other possible meanings.. That's why these lyrics are so great!

maiden is maiden | Reviewer: shiva kishore singh | 1/1/08

guys guys whatever u think of this comment, i love iron maiden like crazy and they deserve it, especially dance of the death lyrics is awesome in its class of gothic style of band,and ofcourse brue dickinson u r mind blowing lol, whenever i listen to this song it takes me to the land of black magics's fantasies,,,,, so steve harris thanks a lot 4 co-ordinating the song,...

Okay | Reviewer: Leroi | 12/11/07

For the people saying the events were triggered by alcohol:

It says in the first part "I had one drink but no more"

This is to show us that alcohol did not play a part in the journey the persona was engaged in, this line was intentionally placed in the song for this reason.

My thoughts.

Meaning... | Reviewer: elton | 12/9/07

This song is about a man, who had a black magick ritual done on him.

The circle of fire would most likely be a pentagram, considering he said he entered it. His soul left his body and traveled to the plains of the dead, where he was able to speak to the dead.

Bruce dickinson can say this is a dream but hes lieing

meaningful | Reviewer: ZE+AB 4ever | 11/20/07

By luck then a skirmish started and took the attention away from me
When they took their gaze from me was the moment that I fled.

I ran like hell faster than the wind but behind I did not glance
One thing that I did not dare was to look just straight ahead.

i love that part i just feel something w/e i here it

ya | Reviewer: Greg | 11/15/07

was reading down the comments and this i found funny

Dane of death | Reviewer: Arraz | 9/9/2007

brilliant. Some of my friends think the the whole dance of death album was crap because it didn't have Bruce dickinson, but the album and especially this song are great!

the album was i belive bruces second album back with the band, the first being brave new world.... i have no idea what this kid was talking about but they need to learn what there talking about befor talking

Great song, but don't overinterpret | Reviewer: GM | 11/5/07

DoD is an amazing song by an amazing band. I've been enjoying Iron Maiden for more years than I care to remember, and this is one of the best.
BUT... This is a familiar story to anyone who has ever looked into folklore. The Fairy Circle, the Wild Hunt, they all have echoes here - I don't think that this is a personal story, just a great song based on old stories!

Iron Maiden.....GREAt!! | Reviewer: Eduardo | 10/29/07

saludos desde BOLIVIA, quiero decirles que uno de los mejores grupos o bandas de heavy metal en la historia....larga vida a IRON MAIDEN

Mysterious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/07

This song is just so, amazing, i just listen to this and i can imagine and understand everything about this song.

BULL CRAP | Reviewer: Ivan | 10/22/07

You guys are silly sods.
This is a simple story of how a dude was chillin' in the forest, and he stumbled on to some kind of mysic ritual, it's up to you to inturrpret what is is exactly, could be a cult thing, could be some kina magical thing, whatever. The point is that it's a story, get from it what you will, and stop trying to sit here and say, "Well I think this lineXXXX means that he clearly was suppressing child hood memoriesX_X_X_X_X_X". What Bull ROFL

Keep It Simple Sillies KISS LoL

Much Love in tha Hood X_x


Not About Alcoholism | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/17/07

This is clearly NOT an issue of alcoholism. The speaker states, "I had one drink, but no more." I think this line is in there to give the listener the knowledge that the speaker was not drunk or hallucinating.

This seems to be the story of a near death experience and how the speaker is unable to move on and forget it.

the dance of death | Reviewer: death | 10/15/07

This happened to me to. one night i was real drunk and i saw a scircle (one of those emo star things) in the woods and a bunch of ppl dancing in around it... i dont know if they where undeads or just emo ppl trying to b cool by copying the song but all i know is i ran.

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/07

this is the best song Iron Maiden has ever done! it has everything a good song should have. good music guitar solo story everything!
go iron maiden you rock! h*%^ yeah!!!!!!

Creative | Reviewer: Rejith cv | 10/10/07

This song is an outcome of highly creative minds. It reveals the absurdity of life,the mortality of all living beings.

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