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Performed by Iron Maiden

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dance of death | Reviewer: wilya | 5/3/07

I read your reviews of this song and much of what is written accually makes sense to me, but personally I prefer not to interpret the lyrics of this paticular song, I just want to litsen to the song and take it exactly as it sonds, like a creepy mysteriuos ghost-story

Ringo the first | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/07

i think that this is a song about living/working in socieity alll days and being dead but alive.(Ihope u know what i mean) and that theman wants to enyoy hi slive but he has to dance with the death

What I think of the song. | Reviewer: Rem | 2/26/07

The song it self is good, but the feelings in the words sound like they have some truth in them. how i do not knwo and yes as Josie said they also seem to have a supernatural quality to them but in my mind im not so sure its vampiric, but more so a demonic/ ghostly quality to the lyrics. but other than that, it is a really good song. one of my favs.

Dance of Death | Reviewer: Josie | 2/8/07

A good song, perhaps BECAUSE of its length. A great deal of songs have stories interlaced with the lyrics (i.e. "girl falls for boy" is a typical one; see Grease), Dance of Death should be placed above them by quality alone. Its eerie music suits a lyrical style that has been lost in recent years to the rap-rock genre (among others).
I agree with Metalfist and his interpretation of the lyrics, but this song also seems to have a supernatural quality, possibly vampiric. Not Gothic, but near enough (for anyone who has read Anne Rice's "The Vampire Lestat", you know what I mean).

dance of death review | Reviewer: metalfist | 2/16/06

Hey, lets first talk about the mental meanings of the lyrics for me.. I think that this song is talking about a lonely man who tried to escape from the sociaty but the sociaty got him to them again, and i think the words death, dead mean that the sociaty has no pity, care, about the one who tries to be himself only and escaped even for the mountains to achieve that, he didnt want to be "dead" like them once again (before he got caught) so he ran while he could, but he did sang with them i think because it sais that everyone of us still belong to somewhere and in the like to do kind a things like othes.
About the music, i loved it, very comfy with the words..Nice solo either, i am myself an electric guitar player solowing spec'.
If you have other opinions..Something to share with me plz write msn; elirana@hotmail.Com

Dance of Death | Reviewer: Urto | 12/13/05

The Dance of Dead celebrates the return of Bruce Dickinson to vocals ina most triumphant manner. Overall, this song has lyrics that give you a very good feel for the spooky theme of the story, and the music is dead on, picking up very slowly. Most Maiden fans don't enjoy it because it's pretty long, but overall it's a very good song from an equally good album.

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