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Performed by Iron Maiden

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re revised lyrics | Reviewer: Nick Crayford | 9/17/12

i think you'll find it would be either sharp or short burst because well a spitfire didn't have any guns that fired shells and iron maiden have always been pretty accurate with their historical portrayals.

sick!!! | Reviewer: jake | 5/30/08

ok matt i went to there show in albuquerque on the 25 of may and it was the best show ive ever been to. they started off with doctor doctor with us and then aces high. it was simply amazing. i waited for that show for atleast 4 months and i was satisfied

Do or die | Reviewer: matt | 5/21/08

this has got to me one of my favorite songs by maiden. So fast paced and up tempo, i love bruce's screaming voice in it. he gives me goosebumps everytime i hear the first line.
im going to their show in edmonton on june 6th and i hope they start off the show with this song, dear god that would be amazing. they probably will tho so thats good

but all in all this is, in my opinion, a great song

revised lyrics | Reviewer: jon bell | 11/30/07

its very accurate apart from the 'sharp burst' which in fact, in the album lyrics, is let off a SHELL burst and then turn away. hope this is usefulll. jon b.

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