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mind boggling | Reviewer: alexis | 4/23/07

i saw interpol last night at mac hall in calgary. it was the most amazing expereience of my life. the intense dominc look in paul banks eyes was enough to make me faint. carlos (bass) has the most amazing stage moves, he is so oddd but i was so unbelievably attracted to him. they play their songs identical to the recorded versions. the night was perfect and it was so worth everything i went through to get those tickets, i highly suggest that everyone sees them.

hooked on Interpol | Reviewer: Patrick | 3/19/07

I first heard Interpol on myspace. The song, "Stella was a Diver and She was always down". Instantly was in love. From then I have heard all of two albums, "Antics" and "Turn on the Bright Lights". I have not listened to all the songs more than 2or3 times yet, but so far I like them all.

What are your favorite songs/albums from the sounds of this incredible group?

Just to note the fan spread I am a native Californian.

There goes an eargasm | Reviewer: Shuffle | 2/8/07

The first song of theirs that I heard was Slow Hands, and I loved it right away. When they came to town, I was lucky enough to get to see them in concert, and aside from the Stones (which was purely mind blowing) it was the best one I've ever been to. The energy and emotion that they all put into their songs is amazing. I'd gotten Turn On The Bright Lights as a Christmas gift a few months previous, and at the concert, I got Antics, and although I preferred the latter at first, TOTBL was my favorite in the long run. It has has a much purer sound, devoid of the poppy repetition that makes Antics so addictive, yet, after a few listens, you have to put it away. Their similarities to Joy Division are incredibly ironic, considering that Paul hates them. Interpol is easily my favorite band of all times.

i love interpol | Reviewer: punk_kitty | 10/8/05

interpol is the best band on the face of the earth!!!! their songs evil and slow hands (both of which can be found on so alt, so good---- oh! and paul banks is hott!!!!!!!

Rightous and Kickass | Reviewer: Brian Chase | 8/17/05

Amazing band, the Antics CD blew me away, ROCK ON!.... i know, but still, i love you guys

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