Awesome! | Reviewer: DUB | 2/3/09

First time I heard this song I knew I had to learn it on drums!(I'm a drummer) Everytime I hear it I see myself going through the drumming motions. Great warm-up song for me. I need to YouTube myself playing this!

Love at first hearing! | Reviewer: ya mum | 11/20/08

this was the first interpol song i heard and i was absolutely take aback by it. I cant feel like i personally relate, i've never been in relationship, but the constructs that i've been exposed through in the media and books etc, made the imagery of this song so easy and it made sense.

I can understand his confusion and angst yet infatuation he has without having experience - i feel like this song tells me about things to come with relationships and partners.

but oh, interpol's lyrics and music are just genius. they manage to make their songs slightly humorous through the morbidity yet it doesn't detract from the meaningfullness and sincerity of where its coming from. Love it! i hope to see them in concert one day.

:] | Reviewer: Emily | 2/1/08

Paul Banks' vocals in this song are outstanding.
Every time I hear this song, I feel like I am becoming encompassed inside art, and that every part of my body has been filled with emotion.
The vagueness of the lyrics is genius as well; allowing just about anyone to relate to the song and interpret it the way they want to. I honestly doubt you can get any better than this masterpiece right here.

agreed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/31/07

yes, perfection. i'm in the same predicament. I can't listen to anything but Interpol since saw them over 6 months ago!

Agreed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/07

I also saw them at Ally Pally, and I have to agree. Perfection is the only way to describe it. I can't listen to anything other than Interpol at the moment.

anon | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/07

i saw them at ally pally a few days ago
the song so reflected my current mood i could've cried at the perfection coming into my ears

God bless interpol

in agreement? | Reviewer: samantha | 11/27/07

For these songs, I can only speak based on what the sounds make me feel, only because the imagery is all I get out of the lyrics; I don't pretend to be able to glean the original meanings. Just throwing this out there...does interpol's music make anyone think of Kevin Spacey? I don't mean anything bad by that, just a little something to think of, with the little quirkiness in all of its darkness.

Amazing | Reviewer: Vex | 11/4/07

This song is incredible, and Charlotte Martin did an outstanding cover of it on her 2007 album full of cover songs, Reproductions.. Highly recommended for fans of this song!

One of the best songs ever performed. | Reviewer: J$ | 10/22/07

This song makes me want to do so many things. It makes me both happy and sad. I can listen to it when I'm having a great day - or the worst day of my life. It's fitting for every emotion it conjures up. My favorite Interpol song by far.

awesome | Reviewer: ivan | 10/20/07

Somehow whenever I listen to this song it stuns me how simply I can relate to the lyrics and interpreting them in my own way. I myself love the intro the best, the first line is the best. I wish I could eat the salt off of your lost faded lips.

It has so much love, yearning and good inside of it. I always feel the weight on my shoulders and feel like there is no more place on my heart to take the whipping of my everyday. I love her but I can't get to her no way no how. Sadly it's the way it is. And the way he sings the first verse is priceless. So much passion and so well sung that you are left breathless. God how I can see myself in these lyrics. I guess it makes me want to pick up my phone and say things of immaculate love to my girl. But I don't think she gives anything for it.

Awesome on so many levels. Only Slow Hands are maybe maybe a little bit more adored by me because that song made me fall in love with rock music.

love from slovenia.

exacly how i feel | Reviewer: Manuel | 9/16/07

Since i heard the song for the very first time i love it, in the yeah right! skateboard film .At first i could not really understand it. Probably because i was alone at that time.But since I've been in some sort of relationship for the past seven months the last month or so , it sort of describe my situation with her.It's some what very sad,and frustrating, it's making me get anger and quick tempered. I feel i just wanna scream SHE'S bad! and some times wanna just leave and never come back just like the song says.SORRY to bored you with my sorrow and sadness.I think I'm depressed.

lovelove | Reviewer: whatshesaid | 9/2/07

I'll never get bored of this song. There's just something about it that makes me feel alive everything I listen to it. I don't know what it is but I can feel it. love the beat, love the lyrics, love the vocals. interpol rules.

Geniuses | Reviewer: J.C. | 8/19/07

What an Intro! And I am referring to it musicallywise... The lyrics are as great as any other Interpol song... But what grabbed me was that Intro and those alternating guitars right after singing "...oh she's bad..."
Oh, and that tightness between the bass drum and the bass guitar makes them sound like one single instrument. God bless Interpol!!

Interpol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/07

This song makes me think of driving through town at night in winter.

Interpol combines multiple guitar parts perfectly stacking up rhythm upon rhythm.

Probably my favorite interpol song EVAR

love it | Reviewer: vero | 8/11/07

this song amazes me, but it really depresses me for some reason, i think when you listen to music and reflect upon it; its the music that you feel but also yourself. maybe others feel uplifted when hearing it but it feels like its full of sorrow in my ears.. i hope i never figure out exactly why..