cool! | Reviewer: mikosai88 | 5/15/13

it's been years since i first heard her songs especially "Love You Down, and "I Want to be Your Lady". whenever i have to put songs in my playlist, her songs would be the priorioty.. the best! but why she stopped?

I love INOJ1 | Reviewer: Dominique | 4/25/08

I absolutly adore inoj(no homo) but I love dey music its so inspiring.there beats is a beats and i had 2 do a presentation in my class about my favorite artist and sure as hell i did inoj!
much love

I love Inoj's songs <3 | Reviewer: Ayano | 12/7/07

I love her songs so much especially "wait for you". I think she is da best too!! I wish she makes more songs. Does anyone know why she stoped making songs?

i love the song fallin, and love you down | Reviewer: micia | 9/14/07

love you down is my number one jam and i love dat song fallin'...its the shit you isten to when you dont love yo man no morer and bout to break up wit them!!!!!lol...but much love 2 you inoj

i love the song love u down | Reviewer: tina | 5/11/07

it never really mattered to much to me,
that u were just to damn dog for me!
i love that song
love you down

Just discoverd this artist | Reviewer: Truther | 8/27/06

I just heard her song called 'My Boo' or 'I want to be your lady', as it was the background song on a shock site called 'motherman' linked from a forum!. A very good song, shame about the way I found out about it!

Inoj rocks. | Reviewer: Inojay | 9/15/05

she is the coolest singer ever i admire and one of her greatest fans. my favourite song is love you down but time after time and ring my bell is good, i listened to her album and i thought it was the coolest songs ever its too bad she didnt make it. i liked her freaky song she is a good song writer and singer she is da best