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Performed by India.Arie

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what i allowed... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/10

i allowed someone who i thought to be the man in my life for the rest of my life to have his way with me and wen him and i broke up i begged and pleaded for him to come back and make it work as a family and he told me no he will come back when he was ready and instead now he is with one of my friends...i truely became a fool and i hurt everyday because of this

Me Too. | Reviewer: Steph | 6/7/10

i loved this guy. he was amazing. i was so alone and just sad and then i met him. he bought so much happiness and color to my life. his ex was stuck on him. but he said he was over her. this was not the case. he cheated on me with her and took her back. i felt like such a fool. i believed everything he told me was true. he said he loved me... but he so easily sat me aside. we dont talk anymore. there is nothing.

Cry Me a River | Reviewer: k-love | 5/7/10

I was a fool once, I let this guy come into my life and he took everything from me my love, my trust and almost my faith. I can’t understand how can you love someone so genuine and in return you get a slap in your face.
Reviewer Tiger, I complete understand where you’re coming from, I’m in a similar situation myself, all I can do is pray and wait for God to heal my soul ,Yes ,my soul it hurts that bad. but as time go by and days turn in to night and nights into morning, I keep my faith alive knowing there is someone special out there for me and I’m not going to let a fool (him) take that joy from me, a man trash is another man treasure.

truth hurts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/09

Every sinqle word in this sonq i can realate to i was once really happpy with this boy i was talkinq to for a couple months i lost my virqinity to him && that was one of tha biqqest mistakes of my life. I basically was there just to fill tha spaces and he has no interest in me anymore we arn't friends we dont talk he hates me and in a way i hate him he ruined my life to me we made love to him we just had sex. & i ask myself why everyday. I love this sonq nd i listen to it to help me cope with my mistakes thanks Indie.

Left and broken.... | Reviewer: Heartbroken | 10/24/09

My husband left me and I feel like a fool because I never saw it coming...we tried to work it out for 2 months after and I gave him and our marriage everything that was in me and he just stomped all over my heart. I felt like a punching bag everyday. He never physically abused me but emotionally and mentally did. I feel like a fool for letting him have all of me, my heart soul mind and body. I still love him but I guess you cant make someone love you back....

He Made a Fool of Me | Reviewer: Brown Suga | 10/16/09

At one point I thought I was madly in love. Never thinking about the things he did or said to other girls was serious. Everyone warned me and I just wouldn't listen. I eventually had an epiphany and left him. Throughout a couple of months he tried to get back with me even though tempted I never went through the whole building back onto our relationship. Now I see him he's like a glass. Yes, I will always love him but not be in love with him. He left me twice and then still came back. I actually believed him for a while but finally caught on. i was alone for a while because of him. He surely made a fool out of me.

CONSISTANTLY THE FOOL | Reviewer: FOOL | 10/15/09

this girl has my heart.. she treats it like its nothing.. she tells me she loves me then turns around and tells me in the same breath that she still loves her ex.. she says whe wants me but she wont be with me..i dont kno how ta leave her alone.. i dont kno how not love her... i cry every time she says she loves me because i kno i cant have her the way she has me... she makes a fool of me on a daily basis.. im tha punch line to ah joke.. but still i donno how ta let it go

you may have made a fool of me but in the end i won. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/09

i was with this guy for 2 years.i found out that i was three months prego.i thought that everything was going to be ok because we were happy
and yes we did have our ups and downs but at the time things were good.when i told him that i was prego i thought he would atleast been happy.his responce was "How do i know its mine?" and "i think its best for you to get an abortion. my heart shattered at that very moment...i never cheated on him or looked at or even been with another guy while we were
together. When he said those words i got up and left. i never talked to him again after that day. i officially didnt want anything to do with him after that. during my pregnacy i felt so alone. i made a fool of myself for thinking that everything that he told me was the truth. The day that my daughter was born was the best day of my life. she is truely a blessing and most of all she is my world. In many ways my daughter looks like him. i dont regret having my daughter, she is the best thing that has happened to me. this song has tought me that yes he made a fool of me. but it made me a stronger woman and a model to my baby girl.

K&K | Reviewer: Keisha | 6/28/09

Many believe that they have the man of thier dreams i was made into a fool ! I lost something to him that was very so important to me, andd he said to me in my face looked into my eyes wiith his big brown ones and said i will never hurt you again ! but while i was writing a rap of mines i read i will never hurt you again backwards and it said specifically Again you hurt, Never Will I, and from that moment i was amazed as to how such a commonly said quote that when it is said backwards it is the most decieveing and hateful thing to believe that is actually true, this boy sweep me off of my feet i went for being treated so badlyy because of the previous one and he treated me so good...although we had our up's and down's we still loved each other in the end atleast that is what i thought it was, he made me such a foul and my feelings didnt even matter to him and i felt like my world is over ! there is a saying that goes if you let "true love" go and it comes back it was more then meant to be true ! there is soo muchh ways that i can rephrase this but in all honesty the only person that noes the true situation is me....thanks india for somethinq that i alreadyy new whas qoing to happen !

Lovee Fakke "keisha"

HOW DO U KNOW | Reviewer: TIGER | 6/18/09

when u fall in love how do u know its not real? i am fully in love with a man i barely even know i luv him for him and the words that he say to me yes we have differences everyone does and yes i have been hurt before but how do i really know the pain i felt wont be felt with him? how do you let the hurt from previous loves go? india you say it all in this song i love him and want to believe what he say but scared that i will b that fool again

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