Mental Image | Reviewer: Keith | 1/30/11

This song makes me think of the Phil Donahue show. I remember watching it late night when I was a kid, probably near the year 1984 too which is right about when the show hit its peak on tv. The Orwellian idea makes sense though.

Awesome songwritting | Reviewer: Steff | 7/27/10

Brandon is mindblowing when he writes songs. You only have to check any other of his songs lyrics, and you'll find that peolple gives at least 5 different meanings to all of them. He is trully an artist. I don't know what this song is about but I can tell you one thing, NOTHING on Brandon's lyrics is there randomly. EVERY single word is there on purpose, and with en specific mission.
He's very smart, and tricky... Love him!

References | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/10

I believe the lines "nineteen-eighty-four" and "electric sheep" are references to 1984 by George Orwell and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick, respectively. They're both novels about dystopian societies, so this song may be about how we're headed to a society glued to the TV, or something bad like that.

Refering to the "electric sheep" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/09

I believe that the "Electric sheep" reference is about being massified, the comfort of the massive, etc. That why this "electric sheep" that are "Still and transixed" dream up of the character that shows on the screen, and they judge this character/famous person from beneath the card castle that may seem strong from the other side of the TV screen, but it's actually very fragile regarding ethics, moral, etc.
At least that's my reading of the lyrics, besides the obvious reference to the Orwell novel...

I'm from Argentina, maybe I'm not expressing myself very well, but I tried my best :P Here's the spanish version of that:

Creo que la referencia a las ovejas electrónicas es en relación a lo que podría llamarse como la conducción del rebaño a través de lo electrónico, la TV, en este caso particular. Por eso esas ovejas electrónicas están paralizadas y estupefactas ante la personalidad que ven desde abajo (porque si está en la pantalla, es bueno) y dónde sólo se muestra el castillo de naipes mientras está en pie...

Adiós/ bye!

References | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/09

Anybody notice that the chorus is short for cocaine. I think that he is saying that people on television and politicians in the eighties were trying to control people's thoughts just like 1984 - subdueing them like a drug.In the eighties, people were filling their with the drug as well. This pile of excess that was shoved at the people through tv is all garbage, just like the stuff that was piled in their noses. Just a thought.

Doublespeak in Mexico | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/08

I find it ironic that Connor used 2 instead of two, N instead of in, and every1 instead of everyone. If the song references 1984 and a possible fear of being brainwashed, don't you think limiting your vocabulary and changing words is just going along with the plan?

Although the song talks specifically about television, I think you could take it to mean anything...the internet, materialism, even music. Anything that we idolize and lose ourselves in becomes a tool for brainwashing. We're just moths, edging in towards the flame.

Great song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/08

I love the wordplay here. You can actually read the lyrics two ways, or at least I can. It's quite plausible I'm insane, though.


Agreed with NWO | Reviewer: Jackie | 1/1/08

Yeah, I agree with the guy who was talking about the Canadian and Mexican borders being removed, very smart american, if you would like to know more about this song, I highly recommend watching Zeigeist, available for free at

Incredible | Reviewer: Matto | 9/3/07

Brandon said in an interview that he was on an airplane and he was playing that game where you dub over a talk show and make up characters and everything. He said that it got him thinking about a time where the television interacted with you. Thats all i rememeber about this one.

this song is the vision | Reviewer: Connor | 7/21/07

the truth about this song is that its actually happening...not only to the sensitive people 2 every1...1984(george orwells masterpiece) is here...we need 2 stop it...USA is becoming an empire... BUSH ERASED THE BORDERS BETWEEN MEXICO N CANADA...this give them currency power n the call for a NEW CONSTITUTION...WHOS GONNA WRITE THIS NEW CONSTITUTION? BUSH? CHENEY? its time 2 WAKE UP!!!