about the song stellar | Reviewer: jamie | 9/11/07

so this amazing guy mason said everytime he hears this song he thinks of me..man im in love and i would highly recommend this song to people your crazy about:)

Stellar | Reviewer: danielle | 8/17/07

this is one of my favourite incubus songs, i get goose bumps everytime i put it on.....and thats alot! i can't go a day without listening to incubus, i am in love with their music, i can't get enough and doubt i ever will. Good on you guys and keep it up. x o x o x

so sweet | Reviewer: Squee | 8/16/07

My boyfriend recently dedicated this song to me! He said "Well this pretty much describes it" Here is a suggestion to all the boyfriends of the world DEDICATE THIS SONG!!

Gorgeous... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/07

My boyfriend dedicated this song to me...I'm like in tears. This song is so gorgeous. That's crazy..."stellar" is also a frequently used word in my vocabulary.

Nice | Reviewer: bla | 7/15/07

I'm a hardcore Hoobastank fan and someone told me I should listen to Incubus because they have a similiar sound.
that someone was wrong, Incubus are nothing like hooba but I still like this song, playing it on guitar hero makes you like it even more.

haha hooray for guitar hero | Reviewer: Sarah | 7/8/07

It's not my favourite Incubus song, but it's a good one. Haha I too heard it on Guitar Hero. I guess it goes to show that video games are very useful haha.

i have a similar name | Reviewer: stella | 7/2/07

i really like this song! probbly helped by the fact that my name's stella, lol! i like to imagine sometimes that brandon boyd's singing to me and saying "stella" instead of "stellar" lol!

Stellar! | Reviewer: Vitz | 6/25/07

This is my favorite among all incubus songs. Simple lyrics, nice music..

simple yet deep | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/07

this song is the perfect one to provide an example of why i love incubus. they're one of thos few bands who can create something expressive and beautiful out of lyrics which have almost no complexity. This song is a feeling that everyone wants to feel sometime in their life so boys, next time ur with someone special, pop this one in the stereo

its an anthem | Reviewer: Anonymous... | 6/15/07

i played/sang this song for my girlfriend and she almost cried... such a great song. when i saw it on guitar hero i was so incredibly happy. the lyrics are perfect. songs today are all about witty metaphors and all... but this... this is just simple, clean, and AMAZING.