so... | Reviewer: evoker | 1/5/11

no one thinks that stellar is referring to a love "Out of this world" to great to ever be possible in this earth...

just cause the song says "inside of you" does not exactly refer to sex... you guys just think of sex all the time that's it... you have not met someone stellar...

Love | Reviewer: Kit | 1/12/10

I've been reading this an a lot of people are saying that they think this song is really only about sex so I thought I'd share my thoughts on the matter.

Though sex is mentioned it is only a small part of the song and sex is a normal and amazing part of a loving relationship. The context implies that the guy wants the girl to have the chance to feel the same way he does when he sleeps with her which means he is in the relationship for far more then the sex. He actually cares about her. Therefore it is a love song and an excellent one at that.

Anon | Reviewer: moyo | 3/10/09

honestly, i think it's about the platonic version of love. it could be sexual, but i don't think it is. i don't think b.boyd meant to make it obvious when writing the lyrics to this song; like when it says, "...that i can show you how it feels to be inside you," it might not mean it sexually, rather completely and 100% know that person so much it's like you're 'inside them' and you just absolutely love them, but that's just my opinion...

more to it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/08

I don't think the song is only about sex. Obviously, sex is mentioned in the song, it is one of the themes. But isn't sex part of one's relationship? Love is not only platonic, but it is not only physical either. Both sides compplement each other. Furthermore, this part of the song:
that I can show you how
It feels to be inside you
shows thet "he" has already slept with "her". So, he only tries to return the favour, to make her fell as good/as happy as when he is with her.

awesome | Reviewer: htiek | 6/23/08

You can look at this song in two ways
1. Sex
2. I love you
Sex would be a more literal way to look at it but the I love you would be a more figurative way to look at it.
"How do you do it?/Make me feel the way I do", well that explains it self for #1, but it could also symbolize love.
I believe that they truely wrote this for #1, but it can also work for #2 and if any guy wants an extra boost to try to win a girl's heart, play this song on guitar and try to perfect singing with it and dedicate the song to her, and she will look at this song in #2 most likely, not #1.
Beautiful song, acoustic version even 10 times better.

think about it | Reviewer: bleh | 4/9/08

dude this is not about love...i agree w/ the person below that it is definitely about a player...a very smooth player...if i were a rock star i would totally write semi sappy songs to get ppl to sleep w/ me too

Such a beautiful song | Reviewer: Joe Davis | 2/5/08

Everytime i hear this song it makes me think about a girl i really love that ive always had a crush on.But she always loves someone else, but the song makes me think in the really lovely ways about me and her.

love it | Reviewer: joe davis | 2/8/08

this song makes me think of my crush.i think about her every moment but this song makes it better to think of her.incubus really knows how to make great music.i hope my crush loves me as much as i love her.

lovely song | Reviewer: hazel | 1/24/08

yeah, it does point to sensual acts. but having to be written such wonderful words down in a poetic manner draws so much love for this song.great sound too.

incubus is an amazing band. they really have a mark on how they create 'music'.

helping hand | Reviewer: tommy | 1/24/08

hey this song is intense i love it soo much, it means even more if you are in love xx

and if you are looking for the same feeling you get from this song, i suggest listening to bloc party they have some amazing love songs - you know the ones that actually talk and REAL love