Hmm | Reviewer: Naeryn | 12/8/07

I'm curious why no one's laughed at everyone talking about how this song reminds them of their significant others.

Considering it's just about sex, and if you've ever met a player, you know that the way it's phrased is just part of the game.

yeah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/07

i love this song. it's a real love song. not like those other stupid lalala-omg-i-love-you-i'm-a-horrible-singer-but-still-get-paid-a-lot-blah-shit songs. it's so real and meaningful. good stuff.

amazing | Reviewer: david bolten | 11/28/07

this girl who i really really like just dedicated this to me and shes amazing and now i know how she feels and im so happy<3

this is an amazing song. check it out.

OMG AWESOME | Reviewer: Chiane (loves somone but he doesnt know) | 11/18/07

i love this song! i am so crazy for this one guy skyler
i love him so much!
but he has a gf and everytime i hear this song
i think if him

Crazy | Reviewer: Rap Fan | 10/27/07

I seriously aint into this muzik but these guys flow brings me into listenin it Id have to say Im addicted to 11 AM, Drive, Stellar, Pardon me...

XD | Reviewer: Briana | 10/6/07

There is always one song on one of their albums that give me this weird feeling that makes me want to listen to it all the time. This song is so frickin' addicting! I't's not even funny. It wasn't even funny in the first place.

I <3 This Song!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Samantha | 10/5/07

this has to be my favorite song ever right now. i love the chorus, and the music matches the lyrics and makes it so amazing!! ahh, its so awesomeee :D

OH MY!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/07

I'm Pretty Sure I'm In Love With This Song!!!

It Makes Me Think Of My Lovely Boyfriend More Than Anything

I Love You !! <3

cassandra | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/15/07

i absolutly love this song, such a lovely letter! .i wannt to be stellar to this guy... fucker

omg..makes me think of my boyfriend | Reviewer: raquel perez | 9/11/07

i absolutley love this song and dig because some how they remind me how much i love my boyfriend, Zack.
it makes me want to share everything with him
it reminds me that we'll always have each other even wen everything else doesnt go the way its supposed to

even if im taken i still think brandon and jose are hot