my interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/11

-actually the great thing about the lyrics of this song is that they are open-ended enough to be interpreted in any way. This is how I interpret the chorus:
-Enough bowing down to disillusion: illusion would be things like God and intangible things. Here hes saying that we shouldn't take all of the mystery out of life.
-Hats off and applause to rogues and evolution: Rogues, or mischievous people, and scientific theories do a great job at keeping us disillusioned
-The ripple effect is to good not to mention, if you're not affected then you're not paying attention: If you don't realize the way in which our minds are being trained to think in a strictly scientific way, and respond accordingly,then you're not paying attention to what's really going on.
-If you look at the verses I think they fit pretty well into this interpretation

hmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/11

just wanted to say, in response to one of the reviews: perhaps "anti-religion" is more appropriate. spirituality and religion are not one and the same; a person can be religious but not spiritual, and spiritual but not religious. i've read a number of interviews where brandon boyd talked about methaphysical stuff.

anyway, i agree that it's great song. love it, actually.

mmm... | Reviewer: susana | 5/12/10

yeah...that's right.
My language is Spanish, and though I understand English, there are certain songs that make me feel so good that I prefer not to go into lyrics, cuz that would narrow my mind and the way I feel about some songs, and would make me think of meanings rather than just feel it. The same happens with videos; i really prefer not to watch them. I prefer to feel songs, rather than understanding them. There's this Radiohead song (Let Down), for example, that's supposed to be sad, but its music makes me feel soooooo happy every time I listen to it!
Words and meanings don't matter (in this sense). Feelings are far more important.
(it's just my opinion, sorry if I bothered anyone)

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/10

For the previous reviewer
by telling people what the song is suppose to mean (because you heard the band talk about it) and telling them they should know what the words mean before they say they lke it, that starts a discussion right there. I dont think people necessarily need to know what the song means or words mean. As long as it makes them feel good regardless of the reason. Let the discussion begin. LOL

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/17/10

I understand that people love the song and maybe don't know exactly why, but to say the words are beautiful implies a grasp of what the song means. If you did that, you would understand there is nothing spiritual about this song at all, in fact, it's ANTI spiritual (not that it can't be enjoyed by spiritual people). Specifically, he's talking about casting off the shackles of religion and embracing science. He's said this in an interview before, too.

I'm not trying to start a discussion on this, I'm just saying make sure you really understand (at least to your personal interpretation) what the words mean when you say you like them.

Excellent song overall.

AMAZING | Reviewer: anon | 1/5/10

well like anyone else who has heard this song, i absolutely LOVE it. and as someone else said, i heard the song and thought hey this is catchy and energetic...i like it. and then i look up the lyrics and am completely BLOWN AWAY. sooo beautiful. their lyrics are always so poetic and unique. not too obscure but definitely not boring and obvious. just...perfect. my favourite song ever. i love incubus.

AMAZING | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/5/10

hey i really wish this was a ringtone. can't find it anywhere. help?

-i can put music on my phone from my computer but i can't set those songs i transfer as ringtones. unless there is some way i don't know of. HELP. i really like this. so if you've seen this song as a ringtone anywhere.............. :) thanks

the songs that sing the music that chimes in my head | Reviewer: bekah | 9/3/09

To be completely honest i listen to this song maybe 20 times in a week....i just recently saw incubus in tampa and it was everything i wanted it to be x a million! And to know that your lyrics keep me guessing everytime. There was something i felt so spiritually that night that its not even describable how amazing incubus was IN PERSON!
this is one of my favorite songs incubus has....the lyrics and the music in genral exceed everything amazing.

Wow... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/09

I have to agree with everyone else on this. Even before I read the lyrics, I loved this song because of its incredible raw power. Brandon just spits those words out like nails. He sings with such passion and energy and conviction. And the band is amazing too. They are like a glorious runaway train. Now that I know what the lyrics are, I am blown away all over again, though not surprised, because one of the things that is so wonderful about Incubus is their lyrics, which are literate, thoughtful, and always beautifully and uniquely framed. Fantastic awareness of language and its power. You simply cannot say that about the average band.

Roller Coaster | Reviewer: Drew | 5/19/08

Wow, incredible. It's honestly as close to a roller coaster ride as you can get in a song. They master the stop-start effect, while keeping you fully and safely strapped in the whole time. Lots of short, intense thrills; and yeah, Brandon's voice is out of this world.