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GREAT BAND | Reviewer: LONETALK | 9/12/12


listen to stellar if you like incubus | Reviewer: stellar song man | 5/19/12

I have noticed that you guys have not put stellar on here so I am asking this website to please put the song on and to the reviewers,this song is awesome if you like incubus you will love this so just listen to the song put it on the website and just listen to it!

Best Band Ever. | Reviewer: Andrax | 1/16/11

No one compares to Incubus. All their songs are full of meaning and they all sound great. If a band can continually do that for years and years and still dont bore their fans, yopu know they're great!

Brandon cliff | Reviewer: Brandon cliff | 9/27/10

I realy,realy love INCUBUS bands,especialy BRANDON BOYD,there song is very nice to hear& very meaningfull, my favorate song is 11am,dig,the warthm.incubus band is different from other band fo me no one can break ther record in preforming in the stage or playing the music.brandon doyd is very nice look what ever the wear or style, the for me in brandon preforming is her style and the way he act the music he is very confident.visit pls in cebu!!!..

incubus | Reviewer: rock girl | 6/28/09

Incubus has crazy, whimsical lyrics that puts me into another place. Brandon Boyd has that perfect punk,artistic attitude. Incubus is inspirational and aren't afraid to change. There lyrics take in the beauties of sun.oh yeah, and Brandon Boyd is really, really HOT. Especially in Drive and Wish you were here.

incubus is the most beautiful band ever | Reviewer: lovie | 3/25/09

dude they are so beautiful every song they have has so much meaning to and gives off a wonderful message to people my favorite song right now is pantomine and are you in well i love almost all there song but they are so oh my god i cant wait to go to there concert in july on the 13th oh yeah i love incubus

I'm incubed!!! | Reviewer: RED | 11/20/08

The best rock band in the world... great sounds and exceptional lyrics... best experimental and creative compositions... INCUBUS IS REALLY THE BEST ROCK BAND IN THE PLANET... please visit again manila...

INCUBUS ROCK'S MY WORLD | Reviewer: anna | 7/10/08

I love incubus it is the best band out there .I love the sonss"drive. Wish you were here, anna holly, dig, and of course pardon me" the lyrics are awesome...<3 I sleep lisening to their songs there so touching and love there meaning ..... canrt get enough wish they would have a concert in cali... plz come...


incubus, live in manila | Reviewer: ness | 3/11/08

awesome concert last 03/09/2008!!! i was in tears when they played stellar. lost my voice when they played vitamins and favorite things. this live version of drive was heart pounding. their music reaches deep into my soul in a way that no other band can. i live for their music. thank you for coming to back to the Philippines, Incubus. come back, once more. rock our worlds again and again.

what i want and what i need is and will always be free | Reviewer: jelena | 3/1/08

when i think that they reach the top they always amazed me.everyone can find himself in this amazing lyrics.They tanscedented conncept of any form of music as art,and they comming back always better and better.I listen them more then 10 years and i cant satitate of them.sometimes i think that they are only band that realy exist as a bend because they are exemple what a bend sould be in all respects.i think that they will last loger then rolling stobes.Brandon is so talented and consolidated person who gives all himself and he"s doesent shame to be what like is many musicians are going beyond of that?love respect

i got hook on "pardon me" | Reviewer: lionel | 2/28/08

getting tried of the rap scene. plus, most of the rap songs where getting to out of control and boring. but when i heard "pardon me" i knew i was hook for life. ever since i haven't looked back.

great band | Reviewer: zakc | 1/15/08

i love incubus they continue to grow on me every day i hear a new song i sit there and listen to the song til i get a meaning from it i love that they write music for each other but we can all interpret it our own way. make your self i think we all take the same thing from that song.

I Love Incubus | Reviewer: Joanne | 12/4/07

They Are The Most Amazing band In The World All There Songs Have Meanings There Songs Give You Such A Good Feeling Its Good That I Can Listen To Them For Hours And Hours And neva Get Board Of There Music I Saw Them In October It Was Amazing And I Will Allways Remem That Day
Oh And Brandon Boyd Is Soo Hot
Do not Ever Change Incubus

WELL | Reviewer: katie | 11/6/07

incubus is by far my favorite band; they have so much energy and it's crazy to think of how id listen to them for hoursss in the summer at the shore.

sum of it is as follows:


Awesomeness | Reviewer: Louise | 9/12/07

this band is the gratest thing since jESUS. that may seem a little Extreme but that is what john lennon said about the beatle so yeah.

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