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I love incubus | Reviewer: steve | 9/11/07

I fall asleep everynight listening to incubus. I freaking love "dig", "drive", "Wish you were here", "pardon me" and so many others. Theres too many songs from them that i like to write. Hell all of there songs r amazing. Rock on Incubus!! I swear i will cry when Incubus breaks up. So dont!

Incubus rocks!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/07

incubus is by far the best band i've ever heard, there's no other band that gives you the feeling they give with each song... i absolutely adore them, i couldn't live without their songs, so geniously put together... love em love em love em

**You are awesome** | Reviewer: kaila | 5/16/07

i love the way they write their lyrics!!so full of pashion and meaning... i love the song make yourself, stellar and pardon me!!;PWhen are you comin 2 australia cause i will so b there????Cant wait to hear new stuff!!!!;D

How did you do it | Reviewer: Kortney | 5/9/07

What inspired u to right song like these my sister dated brandon boyd

Stellar | Reviewer: Katie | 4/21/07

Incubus is perfection personified. Their music is the most suited music for me, every one of their songs has a different meaning entailed. Their songs are extremely deep, the lyrics are geniuos, none of this "girl you left me but I ain't gonna miss you" crap, it's got substance and meaning. "Floating in this cosmic Jacuzzi we are like frogs oblivious to the water starting to boil, no one flinches we all float face-down." Who else could come up with those lyrics and work it into a song that is breathtaking? Morning View still can't be topped, in my opinion, although Light Grenades is creeping up there. I hope these boys are around for a very long time, without their music to inspire me, I don't know what I'd do! I DIG them. Way too much. Brandon is amazing. <3

Incubus .. Jesus Christ, just pure Incubus... | Reviewer: Suzy Sheer | 3/11/07

This band has made a well reputable name for themselves. Releasing their first full length album S.C.I.E.N.C.E. into the audience's airwaves making "Nebula" a huge hit off of this record. Following this record, came, of course, Make Yourself, which is by far their best album ever. Then came Morning View, which was recorded at a California mansion to promote within the band creativity, and wholesome, great music. The recording of this record brought to many the suspicion of disagreement between Alex Katunich and the rest of the band. Soon after the release of Morning View, former funk-based guitarist from the Roots, Ben Kenney, replaced Alex (Dirk Lance) in an unorderly fashion. Though his reputation as a Bassist has been boosted through the release of "A Crow Left of the Murder", many still believe the true inspiration and feelings of Incubus' hit CD's was brought upon them by Dirk Lance, the original Founder. Now, in 2006 the release (which I believe to be their last), Light Grenades, has been one of their most unique releases. The belief of the eventual return of Incubus' original flavour is vanished into thin air, as their new approach to the music scene has been a true inspiration to many young artists (such as myself) today.

not one of my days go by without hearing incubus | Reviewer: calobe | 3/1/07

shit... its so weird how i have bad days but if i were to pop a c.d in my player in the morning id have such a good day- it is so weird...
then someone has to just go and screw it up and play there rap all loud.

Incubus | Reviewer: Dee | 12/7/06

Incubus is my being. I breathe it. Without them... who knows where music would be? They are the last great hope. The last great artists to ever sieze. They are my favorite band in the entire world... the fucking universe, actually. Science/Fungus/Morning... fucking beautiful albums right there... kicking me right where I need it. Make Yourself was cool too, but ironically, in my opinion, their worst song, "Drive"... is the one they are most famous for. Crow Left was not in my favorites... but that solo in "Sick Sad Little World" just gets to me everytime. Now Light Grenades... that's just fucking beautiful... absolutely beautiful... the only thing I would even say is that the lyrics in "Dig" are slightly elementary and not Brandon Boydesque at all... but the music is still glorious. I feel like I've seen Incubus grow up... but not sell out. I have just spent the last week and a half searching it up for tickets... and WHERE are they? Sold fucking out. But even if I have to pay 300... no amount of money in the world compares to hearing them live.

I love you Incubus... always.

The greatest band ever! | Reviewer: lola | 11/25/06

I discovered incubus when they released "drive" off of Make Yourself, which is undoubtedly one of the BEST albums along with Morning View and s.c.i.e.n.c.e. Boyd seemed angry in A Crow Left of the Murder but Light Grenades is much more uplifting and I love the guitar in Dig. i love all their music so whatever they release im always anticipating and it took way to long for Light Grenades to be released . but its worth it. incubus is great!!

the best band ever!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/25/06

Incubus is prolly the best band i've ever heard. they're great musicians and Brandon is one of the best singers that I've ever heard!!!! they are without a doubt one of the greatest rock bands of our time!!!!

Incubus | Reviewer: Nico | 3/8/05

Incubus is the best band ever, you may wonder why people don't like them right away.. Incubus is a deep band, their lyerics are really amazing, they descrive many truths of our times. You have to conect with this band, and when you achieve that, it's impossible to disconect from them. Since S.C.I.N.C.E the have put an incredible energy on me. Brandon, Mike, Alex, Ben, Jose and Chris really like their instruments and they play them like nobody else can, they are true musicians with a great sense of rock. Y HOPE THEY STAY ARROUND FOREVER.

"I suggest we
learn to love
ourselves before its
made illegal
when will we learn?
when will we change?
just in time to
see it all comes down."
- "Warning" -

rock on | Reviewer: iain | 11/6/04

incubus put simply is the best band ive heard in years, i absolutly love them. i hope that they will be around for a long time to come!i cant wait for the new dvd to come out! i love incubus!

Best Group Ever | Reviewer: Alyssa | 10/27/04

They are amazing live, their music is changing and they prove they are going to stay around for a VERY LONG TIME. They can play anything and still sound amazing. They are also really nice in person. Keep Rockin, Incubus!

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