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Performed by Incubus

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Pardon me... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/07

To me, I think that this song is kinda like Babylon Zoo's spaceman, which has nothing to do with going to space but getting away from this world which is breaking down.
I think this song is also about the same thing, the feelings that this world is getting the better of him, and he has to escape.
I think that this is a great song, and Incubus are an amazing band.

pardon me | Reviewer: mim | 11/2/07

I think the lyrics of the song can be read as he is asking for understanding,and for forgiveness.He says that "like gravity, hypocrisy,
and the perils of being in 3-D...
but thinking so much differently.".For me it is that he suffers for his way of thinking is just so different from the"people's mindlessness" thoughts.However, he asks for understanding his burst=his pain,and asks if the one can raise avove this pain and forgive his burst cause he cannot handle so much pain....and bursts

Basically... | Reviewer: Aly Were | 10/30/07

This song is basically so freaking amazing!!!The guitar and the tune is like mesmirizng; it's so slammin'!Anyway gotta work...McDonald's is calling!

pardon me | Reviewer: james | 10/23/07

i think that 'pardon me' is about realisations...he has reached a point in his life where he can't handle the state of the world and "peoples mindless games" - he has had a light bulb moment where he is exploding and stating that he will no longer be a part of the negative aspects of humanity...he wants to "rise above the flame"

... | Reviewer: Briana | 10/6/07

I think this song is more about stress than drugs. Like being fed up with something so much that you might explode. But...You can never be certain to the meaning of a song until the person who wrote the lyrics tells you.

REAL MEANING | Reviewer: Kalen | 10/4/07

This song is definitely about how he is fed up with the state of the world and society, so much so that he might "burst into flames" because it irritates him so much.

stress?? | Reviewer: will | 9/24/07

i think this song is about stress rather then drugs, maybe the stress is related to drugs but i think bursting into flames means letting off steam? or releasing stress and the lyrics talk about perils and such and combusting to escape them, combusting? lighting a smoke?? there my thoughts... INCUBUS rock

i dont think that... | Reviewer: angel | 9/22/07

i dont think that this song is about drugs i mean it can be but drugs are not the only way of getting away from this world the music gets you out of the world too musica is the best drug ever...

great song great band

Jibber Jabber... | Reviewer: Jordan | 9/18/07

If I start typing I'll never stop, I wanted to write something but I couldn't think of anything "small". So I'll just say this, I'm almost POSOTIVE this song isn't about DRUGS. Drugs are certainly okay with me and everything, but it's not like every song with a guitar and rockstar sort of look is about drugs...just sayin'. These lyrics, I've felt these, daily.

my opinion. | Reviewer: Adogg | 9/2/07

I'm not a stoner or anything, but I think this song is about either getting high, or possibly astral projection. Incubus has always been pro-legalization, and quite a few songs talk about subjects that could be interpreted as astral projection. Like in "Nice To Know You" there is a line that's "I'm beginning to notice how much this feels like a waking limb, pins and needles, ..."

Incubus ROCKS! | Reviewer: telly | 8/24/07

I don't know how anyone can argue that Incubus is not a great band. Iknow their lyrics can sometimes be a bit "Extra", but I think that's the beauty of music. It forces us to make use of these things we have called "BRAINS"!

Pardon Me - Incubus | Reviewer: Tyler Dean | 8/17/07

Everyone here has to argue about weather or not Incubus is a good band. Thats not the point here. The idea behind any song is the meaning that goes with it. Pardon Me, a song that talks about being taken to the verge of extinction, of being about ready to toss up your hands and give in. But its also a song of forgiveness. Hes asking someone, weather it be a girlfriend, a family member, or a friend, to forgive him if he ends all his pain and suffering. Any one that has read the bible, or even knows anything about Religion, A man who commits suicide shall live an eternal hell. So Pardon Me while I burst, into Flames. Hes asking for forgiveness if and when he might kill himself. He has done something that is haunting him, and he doesn't know how to deal with it. The song never states why he feels like this, just that he wants forgiveness. So, weather or not you like the band, like the song for the meaning.

Incubus | Reviewer: Savannah | 7/23/07

I like this song alot. Incubus is a very good bad. They're one of my favorites.

Awesome Song | Reviewer: tim | 7/24/07

This songs is sweet, but i was disapointed to find out it was by incubus. I really kind of dislike incubus, especially cause of their latest album. But i guess i have to hand it to them that they can whip out an awesome song or two.

mad lyrics | Reviewer: ben | 6/26/07

incubus has to be the best band eva....
brandon boyd has the best fukn voice nuthn compares to incubus and i mean nuthn...

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