Magnificient song | Reviewer: BieberLover | 11/5/13

I Love the flow of his poetic mind. This song and Admiration makes me melt..

If I had the opportunity to have a response to this song, I would sing with this verse,

"...if you find my beloved,
what will you tell him?
Tell him I am faint with love."

Sad | Reviewer: Ty | 6/11/10

Hard to put into words how this song makes me feel. The haunting guitar with the vocals telling the tale of a relationship lost. It reminds me of my ex girlfriend and how the only memory I have is that photograph and how I wish she was in front of me saying she wants me just the way I am. Such a powerful song. Tear up every time I hear it. An amazing song by an amazing band.

PERFECT | Reviewer: Jonathan Centeno | 5/20/10

wat the guy said under is true i have a long distance relation too and for my wedding ima play this song and sing it to my love alejandra yazmin ruiz(soon to be centeno :'])i cant wait and thank u incubus for such an amazing song and lyrics i love u guys!!!

our wedding theme song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/10

this song was perfectly fitting as the theme song to my long distance relationship with my fiance. and now it will be the song for our first dance!

"you make me happy
you magnify my better half
you make me certain..."

great song! | Reviewer: Esther | 3/12/10

I love it, despite being soft but it catches my hart,its so romantic! and has that special sound of the guitar that gives it that feeling and mistery. Incubus can play all styles and being the best.

magnificent, and breath taking | Reviewer: Ana | 9/10/09

I first heard this song on the way to work, and i replayed it 3 or 4 times because it was such an amazing song to hear, and to hear it so heartfelt coming from Brandon was an even better treat. I LOVED the instrumentals were also so beautiful, Incubus is an amazing group of men! Thanks for the memories guys.

Exquisite! | Reviewer: Miria | 2/7/09

A perfectly exquisite song, backed up by beautiful instrumentals. Brandon's delivery of these poignant lyrics is so heartfelt. The words express what everyone wants in a lover: unconditional acceptance at the heart of the love. This song moves me tremendously every time I hear it.

great song & lyrics | Reviewer: Deborah | 9/22/07

I just love this song and Incubus, most of all how Brandon's voice really seams to mean each word he is singing ("I need you in front of me..").

once again,brandon's voice is amazing! | Reviewer: amanda | 10/22/04

with this song "monuments and melodies", Brandon's vocals are amazing! the song is well writen and appeals to everyone,espcially me! Incubus remains my favorite band!